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El Rey Farms -- LA area source for fresh Hatch New Mexico Green Chilis

Attention, LA Chiliheads!

El Rey Farms is continuing its annual tradition of shipping fresh Hatch New Mexico Green Chilis to Los Angeles. I learned about El Rey Farms from Huell Howser's PBS Show.

To place an order for fresh Hatch New Mexico Green Chilis, call

(562) 946-8040

(562) 946-9423

Ordering hours Monday -Friday 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM; Saturday and Sunday 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

You can order the Hatch Chilis by the sack or by the pound. Hatch Green Chilis are available in Mild, Medium, Hot and XHot. If you're a real Chilihead, ask about XXHot and XXXHot.

El Rey Farms delivers the Chilis to La Puente High School (a lot closer than Hatch, New Mexico). Pick up dates are Saturday, August 12; Saturday, August 26; Saturday, September 9 and Saturday, September 16. There may be another date in late September, depending on Mother Nature.

There will be vendors in the parking lot that will roast your Hatch Green Chilis for an extra fee.

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  1. Holy cow!! Thanks!! I've been making due with the canned... I just might make the trek down to see those roasters first hand!! Yummm!!! :)


    1. do you know if the will do walk up sales or do you have to order them in advance?

      1. Cheers for this info Norm Man--been waiting all year for this!

        1. Phenomenal - can't thank you enough.

          1. Thanks for the info. I have fond New Mexico memories of buying and roasting chiles by the bushel. My freezer was always stocked with a ready supply for rellenos or chile verde.

            1. Can you post a recipe for these chiles (maybe on the home cooking site so nobody gets mad)?
              I'm not too familiar with what to do with these chiles, but I'm curious.

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                Folks, please discuss recipes on our Home Cooking board, where Hatch chile fans everywhere (not just L.A.) can participate.

                We split off the recipe discussion already, please continue cooking ideas on this thread:

              2. Thank goodness I finally found this place! I was getting my green chile shipped to me once in August and once in September from my sister in Santa Fe. Roasting chile is one of my fondest childhood memories. My parents would buy gunny sacks and we the whole family would sit outside in the yard and roast the chile. Then we would peel it and put it in baggies and put it in the freezer.
                Now that I do it myself though, I've found that for taste it is much better to put the chiles in the freezer UNPEELED. The taste is better and there's no freezer burn.

                1. Hi, I just got back from Silver City,New mexico with a sack of Green Chile.I would really like to find someone with a roaster or maybe someone knows where I can get my chiles roasted?? before they go bad!! I would do it myself but the weather here is to hot!! please reply.
                  Thanks!! lizM

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                  1. re: LizM

                    Don't know about any local "chile roasters" but you might want to post a query on the Home Cooking board about how one might go about roasting chiles in their own kitchen.

                    You will find the Home Cooking board here:


                    1. re: LizM

                      I do mine on the barbeque. Watch them carefully. When the skin
                      is blistered, remove them and let them cool some. Then put into freezer bags with the skin on and freeze them. When you defrost, the skin will come right off.

                    2. I have a number of someone who roasts chile in LA. Andy's Chile Roasting (562) 941-8778.

                      Don't know if this number is still current or not.

                      Good Luck

                      PS. I already received my Chile, XHOT, and it's pretty mild so if you like hot chile order the XX or XXX HOT

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                      1. re: Cosmo M

                        Andy's Chile Roasting no longer roasts chile. They haven't in several years.