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Jul 28, 2006 01:20 AM

24-hour Pork Roast?

I just copied down a recipe where you cook a pork roast in a slow oven for 24 hours. Has anyone done this before?

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  1. I've done it w/ a beef roast and it came out great but I still think I prefer the start it out high, then turn it down low method. Makes for a nicer crust on the outside.

    Your recipe does require you to use a thermometer? It should.

    1. I've done it with a Nigella Lawson recipe - a pork shoulder rubbed with a ginger-garlic-chili paste and cooked for 24 hours at 225. Came out great, and was a big hit with the four friends I had over that night.

      1. Never tried it, but be careful. the extremely long time brings up questions of safety in my mind.

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          no way. maybe the internal temp of the meat has to be above 140 after 4 hours, but there is no way by anyones standards - gov't standards, food safety standards or any other standards - something HAS to be FINISHED by 4 hours.

          The food safety range, as far as I understand, is above 140. Frankly, you could have a piece of meat sit at 160 for 30 hours and there wouldn't be a problem with any bacteria or anything. Probably taste like crap, but wouldnt' kill you.

          I think the concern is that if meat at a low temp takes too long to get above that 140 range, then, technically, there is an infinitesimal possibility that some bacteria has grown and therefore there is some danger. But realistically, the bacteria problems are on the outside of the meat (assuming this cut has not been deboned or cut into, thus raising possibility of bacteria on the outside being transferred internally). And the outside of the meat gets above 140 very quickly - even at a low temp like 225, thus eliminating the concerns.

          Anyhow, my untrained two cents here...

          1. re: adamclyde

            Also, wouldn't that four-hour idea rule out all "low and slow" recipes like long braises, bbq and pulled pork done right? (and since the OP wanted to know if anyone has actually done this before, I've linked to the recipe I tried which came out great).

        2. I do a slow roast at 200-ish degrees for 10 hours--it's perfectly tender. I'm curious what the effect would be if it cooked for another 14 hours.

          P.S. I remember coming across a recipe in a cookbook for a 24-hour roasted leg of lamb.

          1. I can't imagine cooking anything for 24 hours. It seems like a huge waste of energy. Not to mention that I don't really like to leave the house with the oven on...Plus, don't you get sick of the smell? My kitchen isn't very well ventilated, and it takes two days to get the smell out of my house if I roast a chicken!

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            1. re: Kagey

              Agreed! You go to bed smelling it and you wake up smelling it. You're sick of it before you even get to eat it.

              1. re: Kagey

                I like the way roast chicken smells.