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Nook or Literati ll?

Which one better for dinner?

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  1. Nook for me, please. I don't get why people like Literati, as the menu seemed boring and limited to me. I also found the customer service to be lacking, but maybe it was just an off night.

    1. I liked them both a lot! I'd say, if it's a romantic dinner, go with Nook. For friends/family, I'd pick Literati II.
      Either way, you should be good.

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        Funny but I would rate Nook and Literati II just the opposite - Literati is a little bit more upscale as I see it, especially in that patio along Bundy, where you can actually hear the conversation of your dining companion. To me, Nook is way more casual and friends/family/ available, yet both serve good food, yet differing menus for sure.

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          Well, maybe it's a difference of dating philosophy! Nook struck me as more hip/casual/cool (all good things, in my dating life), while Literati is a bit more formal (although not much) and expensive (again, not too much). Hmmm...

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            Well, one note on Nook is that seating is close together and cozy, or at a high top in the center of the room, which is great for grown ups, but there is literally only 1 booth that works well for my family (with two very young kids), and if it's taken, we're out of luck. I wouldn't subject close table dwellers to my kids!! While they are wonderfully cute, they don't lend themselves to leaving our neighbors in peace at this point.

            I love the Nook, but just for me and my wife and friends, or probably for the family when the kids over 7 or 8.

            Literati II has lots of space for us.

            But I do tend to agree given prices and the way the menu is set up - Literati II is more upscale. But also more family friendly.

        2. Nook is a better bet overall and probably a little less $.

          1. Literati II would be my suggestion, We just had a wondeful meal their Saturday night. Great buzz..Great food.

            1. Nook. Great food and great service, plus it's quiet enough to actually have a conversation with your dining companions.

              1. I prefer the Nook, but I tend to like the more casual feel and (somewhat) lower prices. The Nook can be hard to just drop into these days for dinner - gets crowded fast and table turns seem slow. But I still eat there (or get takeout) about 3 times per month.

                1. I would vote for Literati II, I think the food is much better overall, if that's what you're after.

                  1. Literati better food, Nook cheaper
                    Great carrot cake at Literati.

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                      and the churros with bittersweet chocolate.

                    2. What are you looking for?

                      Both are solid on the food front.

                      Nook is a casual bistro -- e.g. drop in, order a burger, chill out, and eat at the communal table.

                      Literati II, on the other hand, while no L'Orangerie (RIP), is a bit more formal in all respects.

                      Menus are also quite different, Nook is very American comfort food (think Mac n Cheese and burgers) whereas LII is much more eclectic.

                      1. I've been to both and clearly prefer Nook over Literati II for dinner. Food is better and yet more affordable, the vibe is more lively and convivial (if you're into that sort of thing), and I like the space (the industrial-chic vibe).

                        1. NOOK!!!! Literati II = weird, bougie crowd!