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Jul 28, 2006 12:55 AM

Nook or Literati ll?

Which one better for dinner?

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  1. Nook for me, please. I don't get why people like Literati, as the menu seemed boring and limited to me. I also found the customer service to be lacking, but maybe it was just an off night.

    1. I liked them both a lot! I'd say, if it's a romantic dinner, go with Nook. For friends/family, I'd pick Literati II.
      Either way, you should be good.

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      1. re: CoffeeMonkee

        Funny but I would rate Nook and Literati II just the opposite - Literati is a little bit more upscale as I see it, especially in that patio along Bundy, where you can actually hear the conversation of your dining companion. To me, Nook is way more casual and friends/family/ available, yet both serve good food, yet differing menus for sure.

        1. re: carter

          Well, maybe it's a difference of dating philosophy! Nook struck me as more hip/casual/cool (all good things, in my dating life), while Literati is a bit more formal (although not much) and expensive (again, not too much). Hmmm...

          1. re: carter

            Well, one note on Nook is that seating is close together and cozy, or at a high top in the center of the room, which is great for grown ups, but there is literally only 1 booth that works well for my family (with two very young kids), and if it's taken, we're out of luck. I wouldn't subject close table dwellers to my kids!! While they are wonderfully cute, they don't lend themselves to leaving our neighbors in peace at this point.

            I love the Nook, but just for me and my wife and friends, or probably for the family when the kids over 7 or 8.

            Literati II has lots of space for us.

            But I do tend to agree given prices and the way the menu is set up - Literati II is more upscale. But also more family friendly.

        2. Nook is a better bet overall and probably a little less $.

          1. Literati II would be my suggestion, We just had a wondeful meal their Saturday night. Great buzz..Great food.

            1. Nook. Great food and great service, plus it's quiet enough to actually have a conversation with your dining companions.