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need to find figs

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my hubby fondly recalls the figs he had growing up in philly from his neighbor's yard... he doesn't know what kind, but that he loved them. I went to the farmer's market today and didn't see any.... has any one seen them on the peninsula? I don't think it is too early for them since I have seen them on menus lately. I would love to surprise him with them for dessert this weekend if possible.


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  1. Very late this year. We have barely a sign of fruit on our tree in Berkeley.

    1. It is kind of the end of that first smaller crop before the big later one starts. That is in Brentwood and the Central Valley. There were figs at Ferry Plaza the last couple of weeks, but less last week than the week before.

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        Last week at Ferry Plaza, besides Knoll, there were figs at Bella Viva(the dried fruit people), Hamada and Sciabica (the olive oil people).

      2. Black Mission figs are available at the farmers markets in Sonoma County from local trees. Don't know about the Peninsula.

        1. I think I've seen a few at the Berkeley Farmer's Market on Saturday. Haven't noticed any on my mom's tree yet either.

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            I think I overheard Tairwa Knoll Farms, who I think were the only ones I saw with a very small amount of figs last week, mentioning they would not be at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market this coming Saturday. You can double check on cuesa.org, their newsletter will come out tomorrow.

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              The guy at Knoll Farm told me the same as I was buying some delicious Brown Turkey figs. They expect the second crop in a month or so.

          2. I got some delicious black mission figs from the Berkeley farmer's market on Sunday at Jack London Square 2 weekends ago.

            1. Ram Das had some a few weeks ago but I don't think they had any last weekend.

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                Fresh figs are incredible, I was first served them from a tree in a backyard in Pasadena for b'fast with whole cream...what a memory...almost pornographic...delicious...but I had NO idea that figs could grow in a temperate climate like Philadelphia...I guess I assumed they were a hot climate fruit...

              2. Saw some at Wholefoods in San Mateo. Outrageously expensive for my budget.

                1. Monterey Market's had a pretty steady supply for the last month or so. Usually black mission, but also some green adriatic figs (for those of us who grew up with green rather than black figs!). You should find out which colour your hubby has his heart set on; the green ones are, at least for me, very different from the black ones. They also had some interesting-looking turkish ones last week; didn't get a chance to try. I've been buying green/black every week - it's been a mixed bag. Just take your time, and pick over them carefully. They are all $4/pound.

                  Oh, and elephant pharmacy on Shattuck actually has had tidy little punnets of both the green and black. $5 for a little punnet, but then, it's Elephant.

                  Happy hunting for my most favourite flower...

                  1. anyone know if i'll be able to find the big black mission figs at the alemany farmer's market this sat (oct 7th)? the ferry building market is another option, but i hate finding parking around there...

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                      I think parking at Alemany is even worse these days than getting close to the Ferry Bldg.

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                        thanks everyone for the suggestions. i ended up getting the figs at the alemany farmer's market on saturday. only $1.50 per basket (about 12 medium sized)!! what a steal. as for what i used them for, i roasted fig halves with some stilton, proscuitto, and pomegranate glaze from TJ's. they were a hit at the party! thanks!

                      2. Draeger's in San Mateo at 222 E. Fourth Ave. has both tiny black Mission figs and white figs in the produce section now...I didn't check prices.
                        -Last week in SF, the Fillmore St. Farmers Mkt. had fresh figs on Saturday morning...we had them with a goat cheese from Cowgirl Creamery, fresh chopped rosemary and honey.

                        1. My mom's 2nd round of Black Mission figs are just coming ripe and this year they are very fresh tasting and sweet.

                          1. Hey there - go to Chinatown - they always have figs - I was just on clement street in the Richmond District and I saw several fresh markets that had quarts of fresh figs... I had my first fig from a friend that bought them on the streets in New York - you don't have to go to whole foods, etc...

                            1. My wife bought some yesterday at Sigona's in RWC...