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Jul 28, 2006 12:29 AM

Rappie Pie in the USA

Can anyone find a restaurant in the USA which serves Rappie Pie? Rappie Pie (an Acadian dish also known as Rapture Pie) is a dish from southern Nova Scotia which is made with dried potatoes, chicken fat, chicken, vegetables and crust.


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  1. I hope someone has this info. WE have some clients, originally from Canada, and they make it for the office staff a few times a year. Not low calorie, but delicious.

    1. I love this dish. It is a traditional dish in most Acadian homes in South Western Nova Scotia. Many restaurants in the area serve it as well. Locally, it is known as Rappure rather than rapture although a true Acadian would say Rapture is closer to the truth where this dish is concerned.