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Jul 27, 2006 11:58 PM

rte 22, brewster to pawling

any good tips on places to eat on rte 22 from brewster to pawling?

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  1. how about big w bbq in pawling?

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      1. re: corky

        I tried big w bbq yesterday, special trip there--and there was a hand-written sign: closed today (no explanation, and thursday is definitely one of the days they're supposed to be smoking). That, in fact, is what motivated my post (wondering if there were anything else I didn't know about on that strip). What I did instead of big w was stop at the farm stand on the same side as big w, towards brewster, and pick up amazing smoked pork sausage from an artisanal farm in NY state and some freshly picked corn and heirloom tomatoes and had a lovely dinner! Still and all, where was big w?

    1. oh man, that's a total bummer. good thing the smoked pork sausage saved the day. did you try calling big w bbq to see what was up?

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      1. re: cervisiam

        845.855.0454 and Roadside: 845.489.6067. These are the phone number on his card which I got about a year ago, hope they still work.
        His food is absolutely worth the drive ....

        1. re: SLO

          Drove by Big W's today -- he was back out there. In retrospect, should have opened the car windows and smelled the smoke...