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Jul 27, 2006 11:51 PM

Dinner in Malibu

Looking for a nice spot to have dinner in Malibu this Sunday evening. Any suggestions? What are the best restaurants in this part of town?

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  1. I have always like Geoffrey's. It has some mixed foodie reviews the setting is unbeatable.

    1. Geoffrey's is alright and the views are fantastic.

      Highly recommend:

      Taverna Tony (Greek, bit noisy inside, but beautiful bougenvilla outside patio. Moussaka rocks)

      Sage Room (Italian. Small spot but wonderful food.)

      Nobu (Hate to say it. But had to say it)

      1. Allegria (part of Il Moro group) great chicken in skillet. Love Tra Di Noi ouside.

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        1. re: Mother Hubbard

          Tra Di Noi has my vote...out or in!

        2. I like that old school place called Beau Rivage. Also, Granita near the Colony has never missed.

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          1. re: TheDexter

            I believe Granita closed last year.

          2. The only thing Geoffrey's has is a view, but only at lunch. At night it's pitch black. last year Irene S. V. at LAT's gave it an unsatisfactory review. That by the way is less than 1/2 a star.

            Granita closed last year

            Marmalade (breakfast & lunch
            )Taverna Tonys