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Jul 27, 2006 11:04 PM

Who think the Cotijas in PB is gross?

I've given this place a valiant effort, but I can't swallow it anymore. Am I alone on this? I've been on many occasions where the chesse is hardly melted and the 'guts' of the burrito are lukewarm at best. Im just venting, whos with me?

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  1. I haven't eaten at the Cotija's in PB, but there is one about a mile from my house that I've tried a few times. I don't know that I'd decribe it as gross, but it's not very good. Gives me no reason to return. The one by me is patronized by high school bad boy wannabes and tweakers. The clinentel alone makes me not want to return, the food does nothing to assuage that notion.

    1. "I've been on many occasions"

      If it is that bad, why have you been there on many occasions? I tried it once, have not returned.

      1. There are two Cotijas (one with a C and one with a K I think). One is east Garnet and one is west Garnet. The west one can on occasion serve up a good California burro, and the Hash brown burro (sans creama) is a good artery bomb while nursing a hangover. Only been to the east one once, while waiting for tires, but the surf and turf burrito was good, it was huge as I recall. Lot of well flavored shrimp and carne. However, I do not frequent either one very often.


        1. My favorite PB taco shop is Los 2 Pedros on Turquoise. It's great.

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            Yep. That's been our very fave in PB for bean & cheese burritos, CABs, rolled tacos, etc. Luckily it hasn't changed much in quality over the 20 odd years we've been eating there.

          2. If you are in PB you must try Tacos Mi Rancho. They are located on the NW corner of Cass and Loring kitty corner from the 7-11. It is more of a mexican home style cooking. You can tell it is more authentic because at lunch time it is packed with all the mexican gardeners that work in PB and La Jolla.