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Indian catering for a wedding?

Hi all,

An Indian friend of mine is looking for a restaurant to do some catering for her wedding. We're talking around 150 people. Mostly they are looking for fairly 'standard' north Indian dishes (chicken tikka masala, saag paneer, etc.) since the guest list is pretty mixed and they think most folks will not want the real stuff.

Any suggestions for good Indian restaurants _that cater_? Normally I would suggest places like Tamarind Bay but I don't know if they do catering, and whether they would be able to handle such a large event.


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  1. I think India Quality might cater. I know that they prepared appetizer platters for me a couple of years ago.

    1. There was an article in yesterday's Globe about a catered Indian (and Jewish) wedding. Apparently the owners of the Bombay Club, Vinod Kapoor and his family, do a huuuuuuge number of weddings. The article really made it seem like the Kapoors are *the* Indian wedding caterers, and also reasonably priced.

      Unfortunately the article is only available for free today (Thursday). Here's the link: http://www.boston.com/ae/food/article...

      Edit: Here's a link to the Bombay Club's page about catering: http://www.bombayclub.com/catering.html

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        Cool, great link!

        I'm not sure but I think my friend has tried Bombay Club and was not very impressed - I will ask her though.

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          I read that article in the Globe as well. When I saw this topic that was the first thing I thought of.

          I actually went to a wedding in Wellesley a couple of years ago with 200 guests and it was catered by Kabab King out of New York. The food was quite good. I am not sure whether they delivered it or if someone organizing the wedding went down and got it.

          Punjab Cafe in Quincy caters. I am not sure how large of a group they can handle. You'd have to call. They have a number on their site: http://www.punjabcafe.com/

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            It's up in Maine, but, I think they have been focusing on restaurants here in Boston that they can try the food at first. If folks know of places up in Maine or NH that would be great too.

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              Howdy - for Main and NH queries/chow info, please go to the New England Board. Many thanks!

            2. Cafe of India in Harvard Square does catering. I think their food is outstanding.
              Here is their site:


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                Amazingly, my friends tried the food there and were not excited. I think Cafe of India is pretty good myself.

              2. It isn't the fanciest place, but Punjabi Dhaba is more delicious than most Boston/Cambridge Indian restaurants. I have not used their catering service (it has a different number than the restaurant line), but when I ordered food for pick up the day before a party for about 30+ people, they did a fantastic job...

                Details: http://www.eatanddestroy.com/?p=35

                1. I keep going by a place on Broadway in Somerville next to Lil Joe's Coffee shop that looks like an Indian Caterer - can anyone confirm or deny?

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                    There is an Indian catering business (at least that's what the sign advertises) in that very location. It's one of those places that always intrigues me when I see it, and then I forget about it the very next minute. (Much like "Sushi Sushi" right up the street, next to Rudy's Upholstery). I have seen platters of food leaving both places. For the life of me, I cannot recall the name of the Indian caterers. I wonder if they are affiliated with the relatively new New Delhi Market next door?

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                      There's a sushi place next to Rudy's Upholstry? How did I miss that? I'll have to try it this week.

                  2. Sorry gini, I didn't mean to give you the wrong impression. There is a merely a store front, with the words "Sushi Sushi" on it in adhesive stick-on letters (like you would use on a mailbox). I have seen platters of food leaving the place and into a delivery minivan. The people look Chinese to me, not Japanese. I can't figure out what is going on in there, because from the outside, it looks abandoned. Very strange...

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                      The Indian place on Broadway is called Guru and its sign boasts divine food for brilliant minds or something like that.

                      1. gini..It is Pushpinder located at 1297 Broadway somerville
                        guruthecaterer@gmail.com I work down the street and I eat lunch from him once a week. He has developed quite a following with his catering and I know he's looking for a little larger location to do strictly takeout.Give him a shout.

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                        1. Dulhan Pages has some restaurant listing in boston area..

                          Here is the direct link : http://dulhanpages.com/wedding-direct...

                          I doubt there are any reviews of any places though, but worth a call.