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Jul 27, 2006 10:36 PM

California Burrito in PB

Where is the best California Burrito in the PB area? I like Ramones, which is next to The Tavern and across from Typhoon Saloon. Am I gross for liking that taco stand? Turn me on to a new one in that area!

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  1. For California Burrito I like the one from Santana's.

      1. Santana's CB is good, but the one in PB is hit or miss. Make sure you ask for the fries well done. Other good options for the CB are Cotija's, Taco Surf, and Valentine's (PB/MB border next to Liars club).

        There are a lot of Taco Shops in PB, the trick is finding who does what best, here's my opinion.

        La Playaita - Chile Verde Burrito, Shrimp Diablo Burrito

        Los Ponchos - Pollo Asada, Chile Verde, Good Beans, Seafood, great queso fundido, beef in chipotle, excellent breakfast, They also serve Birria on weekends (not as good as Super Cocina, but not bad if you need a fix)

        Bahia Don Bravo - (LJ Blvd) Beef Tamale, served open faced and topped with ranchero sauce, very good.

        TJ's Oyster Bar - New place, great fast seafood, only have had the ceviche and cocktails, but it's solid.

        Tacos Mi Rancho - Traditional Tacos (aka mini taco), can only recommend the Al Pastor, Buche, and Adobada. Other meats were disappointing.

        All I can think of at the moment would love to hear what others think.

        Is it me or is it hot?


        1. I think Santana's is the best for california burritos. Make sure to get the greenish salsa with orange specks(don't know names of salsas) if you like spicy. I also love the spicy carrots at the salsa bar, which goes well with the burrito. The one in Mission Beach is better though than the one in PB. But that's only if you're picky.

          It is getting kinda hot in here.