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Jul 27, 2006 09:56 PM

kid-friendly in Soho/LES (Paladar?)

I posted a few days ago about my pilgrimage home to NYC with my small children. Can you tell that I've only been thinking about food?

I will have an infant and a four-year-old who are reasonably behaved but not remarkably so. I am looking for tasty lunch spots in the Soho/LES region. Is Paladar at all palatable still? Other restaurants in that vein (I can have a drink with lunch and eat tasty food while indifferent waitstaff and hung-over patrons ignore my kdis) that bear recommending?

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  1. the food at paladar is not so special.

    i would recommend :

    clinton street baking company
    4 clinton st btwn stanton and houston

    frankie's spuntino
    17 clinton st btwn houston and stanton

    falai panetteria
    79 clinton st at rivington

    90 rivington btwn orchard and ludlow

    congee village
    100 allen st at delancey

    el sombrero
    108 stanton corner of ludlow

    *dash dog (just a hot dog place, no real seating, but delicious!)
    127 rivingston btwn norfolk and essex

    *a bakery that is one of my faves in the area is sugar sweet sunshine
    126 rivington near essex

    1. Alias on Clinton is good too.