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Jul 27, 2006 09:45 PM

Riccardo Trattoria on Friday

Riccardo Trattoria (N. Clark) had a nice review in the August Chicago Mag. - we have reservations for Friday evening - any suggestions as to what to order or any general comments appreciated.


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  1. Pat Bruno, whose tastes I like, praises R.T. in today's Sun-Times "Weekend" section.

    Have fun.

    1. Thanks - it was indeed a nice review and I'm looking forward to dinner this evening. Sound like the most challenging part will be what to pick from the menu :~}

      1. In case you were wondering... we had dinner there Friday evening - arrived at 7:15 and were immediately seated - yes there was a full house and it stayed that way until we left.

        The food was excellent and the service was exceptional - we started with soup, both ordered pasta and had a very nice chocolate desert. We will be returning as there were more items on the menu that I want to try. The review in the Sun-Times (post above) was right on.

        1. I had the seafood stew. So good I'd like to be submerged in a pool full of it and eat my way out.