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Jul 27, 2006 09:44 PM

Client Dinner Recommendation--With A Flavorful Twist??

I have dinner out with a client in a few weeks (Fri nite) and I would appreciate suggestions. He suggested Blue Smoke or Vong--tell's you a bit of his taste. Both are fine--he's been to both before--but I would like to offer a new experience. Casual good (no suit/tie), trendy not required, friendly service all the better, not fancy/fussy cuisine. I would like to go mid to high price. He enjoys very flavorful food--not just fancy preps. His backround is Caribbean. We have also done Le Colonial which was ok. West side or east side--down, mid or uptown ok.
What about Mesa Gril or Asia de Cuba or others??

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  1. I'd recommend: Bolo (great tapas, paella), Casa Mono (too adventurous?), Fatty Crab (might be too noisy/crowded/sceney), Spice Market (great food, great to look at), Kittichai (also a scene, but surprisingly good/tasty food), Tabla (upscale and fabulous Indian)


    1. I live across the street from Mesa Grill and never go there; I think it's overrated. If you want Bobby I recommend Bolo instead; the food is consistently excellent. Asia de Cuba is fun and flavorful; the tunapica is one of my two favorite appetizers in Manhattan. If you want Indian (fusion) I would avoid Tabla (I think it's Danny Meyer's most disappointing effort) and go to Devi. As an Indian, I like to think I know a little bit about this one. If you want to continue in the Danny Meyer vein, Eleven Madison Park recently changed chefs and he is getting rave reviews (I hope to go tonight). The space is very cool, too.

      Hope this helps.

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        I posted a rave review this past weekend for EMP--did a tasting menu--out of sight yummy.

      2. you can look these up on

        11 Madison Ave at 25th St

        The Orchard
        126 Orchard btwn Stanton and Rivington

        Les Enfants Terribles
        37 canal at ludlow

        89 Greenwich ave btwn 7th and 8th ave

        Little Giant
        85 orchard at broome

        Epicerie Cafe Charbon
        170 orchard at stanton

        60 greenwich ave btwn 6th and 7th ave