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Jul 27, 2006 09:11 PM

Turkish Kitchen on 27th and 3rd

How is it? Never been and may go tomorrow night.

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  1. I'm a big fan. I like all the dishes that employ smoked eggplant. The sheperd's salad, or farmer's salad, is tasty. Pretty much can't go wrong with roasted meat.

    Upstairs seating can be hot. Skip the Turkish wines.

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      1. it's a favorite of many veteran posters here, and if you do a search you will find many posts praising the food and recommending it...

        i went there once, about a year ago...while the appetizers were tasty (esp. the eggplant) and the rest of the food solid, i didn't love the vibe or the wasn't "bad", but the service seemed (on that night at least), a bit pretentious (i.e. the waiter didn't need to act like he was serving us Chateau Margaux when he brought our wine by the glass) and the atmosphere (lots of red decoration) made it feel like the single "exotic" date-restaurant in a small college town...

        my food was decent, nothing bad happened, but i didn't understand why people had raved about it...

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          the food was great, but service is really poor. i planned a birthday dinner there, and it was an awful night. they swooped down to take away plates that still had food on them, and completely rushed us through our meal.

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              Third on Uskudar. It's tiny (maybe 22 seats) and the owners are there to take care of you. Also like the very nice "neighborhood" clientele.

          1. The food is really decent. If you get there before 6:30 they have a good deal for $20 for like 3-4 courses. I've never been that impressed with their entrees but their apps are pretty good.