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Jul 27, 2006 08:48 PM

How's the food on StarShip Yacht Dinner Cruises? (Tampa)

I've only been on one dinner cruise before (not in Florida), and the food wasn't great. The dancing and alcohol made up for it, though, in that case. How's the food on the StarShip Yacht? Anything worth mentioning? Considering this as an alternative to the traditional restaurant for a special occasion.

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  1. I don't have the answer but I've noticed that there are some photos of the sunday brunch with lots and lots of food on their web site.

    1. StarShip's food is TERRIBLE!! It is generally cold and bland. I've been twice and was not impressed either time. I found that the drinks were watered down, and the band wasn't that great! Don't waste your money.

      1. Just saw your replies! Thanks for the feedback. We chose The Black Pearl in Dunedin instead and were happy. Maybe if we get cheap or free tix on the StarShip we'll try it. :)

        1. the best option with starship is to go just for the cruise. I went on an afternoon cruise and paid $15 (i think) to just take the ride. it was a cool winter day, and while everyone ate and drank downstairs, my guest and I enjoyed the ride form the top deck. after returning to port, we took the streetcar from channelside to Ybor and di some shopping at the market in centennial park.