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Jul 27, 2006 08:35 PM

30th Birthday Gift for a Man Who Loves to Cook - Le Creuset?

What piece of Le Creuset would you think would be a good birthday gift - I don't know much about his kitchen, but assuming that he has some already - which is a piece that anyone would love to have?

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  1. I am in love with my Saucier. It's a small piece, but so useful, especially if he's a steak man, it'll reduce anything in no time flat!

    Also on my wishlist is the Roasting Pan/Lasagna Pan. It's HEAFTY, so it take a bit of a man to carry it around when using for Lasagna. :)

    I'm starting my own collection (in blue!) so you might also want to find out what color he has already so it could match! :)


    1. I love my grill pan - even in the dead of winter when I don't want to venture outdoors to the deck and use the gas grill - it actually makes a rather decent hamburger. It's good for cooking veggies on too - particularly asparagus.

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      1. re: sivyaleah

        A grill pan is my next gift request, for exactly the reasons you've given.

      2. I love my giant (9Q maybe?) round pot in Flame. Great for soups, stews, carnitas, and even some roasting tasks. It's big and orange. What is not to love?

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        1. re: murray6789

          Phew, I thought I was the only one who had that monster! I love it too. It's big enough that I can do things like cook a thin layer of rice for paella or risotto and still end up with plenty for a crowd. Same goes for browning meat, since I can do more at a time without crowding the pot. It really decreases the need for specialty pots. I thought Ina Garten was the only other person who owned one!

        2. Thank you everyone! I like the saucier & grill pan idea, but now I think I'm considering the 5Q oval dutch oven - in FLAME murray6789, I think he'd love the big & orange idea! I think he'd do well with that for sauce and braising, etc. Although the saucier & grill pan are good ideas too . . . Williams Sonoma claims the best price, but since I don't have time to order online am I a complete sucker to buy it there?

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            Do what's best for you - you're only a sucker if you feel that way :-) Time IS money as they say. If you're pressed for it, popping into WS is fine, I'd do it too.

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              today's SF Chronicle has a Bloomingdale's add for 30% off closeout sale on le creuset. One day only. 7.25 qt round @ $189; 5 qt. oval @ $159. Not sure if its only here or nationwide.

              Also, check this recent thread re sale in August at the LC outlet stores:


              (i've got a 9.25 qt oval and love it, for similar reasons already posted)

            2. Between the LC grill pan and say a thick griddle thingy (the proper name escapes me) that you put over the stove burners, which would you get?

              And in addition to Ina, I think Rachel Ray uses a LC pan (visualizing drizzling of EVOO).