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Jul 27, 2006 08:30 PM

lake tahoe - vegan needs recs + local produce

traveling to lake tahoe soon. do you have any vegan-friendly recs for me? how is the tuesday farmers' market? i will probably need to stock-up on some items before i visit the market on tuesday. are there any coops or independent stores selling local produce? how about wheatgrass? thanks!

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  1. You can find farmers markets by visiting just plug in your zip code and specify what you seek (including restaurants).


    1. yes, i see they have a tuesday market. i'm looking for feedback on it. thanks.

      1. I assume you are talking about North Lake Tahoe?

        farmers markets are on Tues. in Kings Beach, Thurs. in Tahoe City (the best one) and Sat. in Homewood. There's one in Truckee too but unsure what day.

        there are some good things to be had at these markets which are much better than what's offered in the big groceries but it doesn't compare to the choices you get in some of the larger urban area markets of the bay area.

        There's an New Moon Natural Foods Organic market on 89 (W. Lake Blvd.) just south of the Y in Tahoe City...just before the big Bakery and a great one for produce in Truckee called Lisa's central market at 10418 Donner Pass Rd, right before the traffic circle coming from town.

        Good luck.

        1. If you go to South Tahoe, there is a great veggie cafe called Sprouts. The food is awesome, especially their tofu chorizo.
          Eat Well!

          1. The original comment has been removed