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Jul 27, 2006 08:00 PM

Eddie's Bakery and Cafe, Fresno

I just had to write in and say I had the best bear claw at Eddie's yesterday. I rushed in on my way to an appointment and ate it in a rush in the car. But that bear claw made me slow down and appreciate the flaky crust with light, almond-flavored frosting.

I had forgotten how much I like the pastries there. I have had a lot of their cakes and they are really good. However, that bear claw was just super yummy. I also like that the almonds on top were sliced very, very thin so not to detract from the overall lightness of the crust. Now, if only that lightness meant less calories!!

Eddie's Bakery and Cafe
7089 N Cedar Ave
Fresno, CA 93720
(559) 323-0900

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  1. Gawd, I love bear claws, any chance they make one with Splenda? Recall that my wife, SIL, and rest of the family have raved about Eddie's at an older location for years. Wasn't aware of the new NE location. Thanks for the update.



    1. I didn't see any sugar free pastries, but then again I wasn't really looking :-). I don't know what even made me order the bear claw, I usually don't bother because so many places put such a heavy glaze on it that I can't even eat it. It just looked so good in the case and I was so happy when I started eating it.

      Does Eddie's have two locations? I have only been to the NE one and googling brings up the NE location only. Just wondering. When I was a little girl, Eddie's used to be in Manchester Mall and then I moved away from Fresno for awhile and when I came back, I only heard about the NE location.

      Between La Parisien Cafe and my new found discovery of Eddie's, I am in serious trouble!

      1. Eddie's closed the Manchester location years ago when they moved to Cedar/Herndon. I took some things from Eddie's to a family holiday dinner out of town years ago. Now, my out of town family always request that I make an Eddie's run before coming to see them.