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Jul 27, 2006 07:57 PM

my ultimate list of eating all across LA and every type of food (link please?)

A while back, I saved a link to the old Chowhound board of a list of restaurants according to cuisine that someone had put together. It was a real cool list and the subject header was "my ultimate list of eating all across LA and every type of food." Of course, with this new board, a lot of those old links are gone. Does anyone have a new link to that message? I tried doing a search on the website, but it didn't come up in my search.

Thanks so much,

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    1. No, I think she's referring to Modernist's great list here.
      He recently said he was planning on updating it -- let's hope he does!

      1. your message I think it was modernist's list that you were referring to.

        That one, I cannot seem to find either.

        1. Actually, that's a great link, too, so I'm glad you posted it, but the one I was looking for was typed in lowercase letters and it was broken up by cuisines. For example:

          Korean BBQ
          (and than a list of differen Korean BBQ restaurants followed)

          (and than a list of different Thai restaurants followed)

          In fact, that message got re-posted twice as other people converted the lowercase letters to something easier to read.


          1. Perfect! Thanks Chowpatty! That was the link I was looking for.