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Jul 27, 2006 07:48 PM

Help on Bringing Chicago Polish Food Home to SF

Here's the chow dilemna: my wife and I are visiting Chicago for a weekend, leaving on a Monday evening. We will not have a car and will be staying in the Loop. She leaves from Midway and I leave from O'Hare (long story). We were planning to take the CTA out to the airports. We'd like to be able to stop at a fantastic Polish deli that is easy to get to on the way out to one of the airports.

We'd like to buy some smoked course-cut kielbasa, frozen pierogi, and frozen bigos (and anything else you'd highly recommend).

In the past (when on business), I've taken a cab, had them stop for 10 mins in Avondale, quickly loaded a cooler, and headed on to O'Hare. However, I'd rather not have to pay a lot of money for a cab if there is a way to do it off of public transit...

Help Chicago Chowhounds! Where should we go and how should we get there?

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  1. For you, going to O'Hare, I'd suggest getting off the Blue Line at Division and walking west a block and a half to a branch of Andy's Deli at 1721 W. Division.

    Here's a website for Andy's:

    Note that that branch of Andy's closes at 6 pm on Monday.

    The option for your wife going out of Midway would be Bobak's on Archer -- google/mapquest them and see if that would work.

    good luck!

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      1. I like Gilmart on South Archer Avenue near Midway airport for the very best Polish specialty foods and sausage, plus great takeout. BOBAK's is nearby as well...great buffet here. Unfortunately, It's not conveniently located near Ohare Airport.

        North Milwaukee Avenue is your best bet. If I'm not mistaken, you can catch the "el" to Ohare nearby. Here are a couple other very good Polish Deli's along Milwaukee Avenue that runs somewhat parallel to the Ohare "el-line".

        I recommend:

        Kurowski Sausage Shop
        2976-78 North Milwaukee Avenue

        Andy's Deli
        3055 North Milwaukee Ave.

        Enjoy and please report back.

        1. Yes, Kurowski's is great. Here's a thread about it, including some pictures:

          As amoncada says, the Blue Line to O'Hare runs parallel to Milwaukee Ave for much of the way. But Kurowski is kind of in the middle between stops -- it'd be a healthy walk to and from the el line with your cooler.

          If you and your wife decide that the thing to do is for her to shop at Bobak's, I would suggest that she go all the way to Midway, check her checked baggage if any, and then take a cab to Bobaks and have the cab wait for her.

          Now, if you guys want to maximize your Polish shopping, how about you going to a Polish bakery while your wife is at Bobak's? A much-praised one (I haven't been myself) is Delightful Pastries at 5927 W. Lawrence.
          More details here:

          The closest stop on the Blue Line would be Jefferson Park. Consult the CTA trip planner to see what bus line would get you from the station to the bakery.

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          1. re: Amata

            Thanks for the recommendations so far. I'm trying to figure out if Kurowski is the place I've been before... is it on the west side of the street? You walk in and the deli counter is straight ahead on the left behind the registers... you can turn left (passing the bread against the window) and go into a second room that has produce, freezers, barrels of pickles, etc? Is that it, or is that a different place??

            BTW, we're going in Sept and I'll definitely report back afterwards!

          2. Yes, your description fits Kurowski exactly. It's really a great place.

            Have fun on your trip, both the Polish and non-Polish parts!