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Ovaltine and older folks?

My friend told me that her Mum is really into Ovaltine...this surprised me because i always thought of Ovaltine as something for the kids and not the 50+ crowd. I was in the store yesterday and chatted up a stock clerk who said that lots of Ovaltine is going into the shopping baskets of mature folk...So what am I missing? Any insights on why the 50+ crowd is buying so much Ovaltine in Ontario these days?


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  1. Hmmm...can't answer that but we always have a bottle in the pantry cupboard. And in the thirtysomething crowd.

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      Me too! I actually have it for breakfast every morning on my drive to work instead of the typical coffee. I'm not good about getting all of my vitamins through my whacky diet, so if I start out with Ovaltine, I don't stress through out the day trying to eat balanced. It provides vitamins & the milk is good calcium. Helps me start the day off on the right foot - and I found it contains less calories than the Carnation Instant breakfast I was drinking. I do make it with 2% hormone free milk instead of the recommended skim (yuck!) so it tastes much better that way. Try it! :)

    2. Ovaltine has been around for many years. Don't you still enjoy some of the foods that you liked when you were a kid? So do some of these senior folks, I guess. Personally, I never had a liking for it. It's one way to get calcium (from the milk) too.

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        Yongeman - yes, your right, there are things I fondly associate with my childhood that I still eat every now and then, tho I admit they are more indulgent than ovaltine!

        And like you, I didn't find the taste all that appealing. You could be spot on about the calcium, tho it seems most everyone gets their extra these days with pills. Thanks for the reply


      2. when my mom had a heart attack it was suggested by the hospital she drink ovaltine instead of coffee during the recovery

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          Fascinating, Florence. Do you remember if she drank it in hot milk? I would never have thought of that....


        2. There's also Milo (green tin can) that I LOVE! BTW, I'm under 30 years old! =)

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            josamania...cool! Are you drinking it with milk...and is it like Yongeman said, something you associate with childhood, or are you a malt lover? I'm clearly missing something by not drinking this stuff myself!


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              I love Milo, Horlick's and Ovaltine. They are great hot or cold with milk or water. You can make smoothies with them, bake with them. Have them for breakfast or before bed.

              Milo kicks Nesquick's butt, anyday.

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                I see milo at asian stores but not my local nat'l chain grocer... was it popular in America at one time? I grew up a young child in the 80s in CA.

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                  I don't believe Milo was ever marketed in America. It's popular in Australia, Asia and South America. Maybe also Africa. Places where Nestle had more of a hold on the market. That's why it's found more often in ethnic supermarkets. Although, I have seen it at Loblaw's.

              2. A little bit of nostalgia and a little because it's a good coffee substitute.

                1. OH - try with condensed or sweet milk (can't remember what it's official name is.... it's on the tip of my tongue!)

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                      YOU TOO?!?!?! My old BF freaked me out one morning when he opened a can of sweetened condensed milk and spooned in powdered Milo - mixed and ate right off the spoon. It's like eating candy for breakfast! No - not good for you...but oh so decadent. It's fairly common for kids to do this in the West Indies. Major sweet tooth - we love our sugar cane sweetened products. :)

                      Of course, I didn't mention that my breakfast that morning was nachos...

                    2. My guess is because Ovaltine (mixed with milk) is pretty nutritionally dense yet very economical. Add the nostalgia factor (i.e. malt shoppes) and you've got a winner with the 50+ crowd.

                      Plus, Ovaltine just tastes good :)

                      1. I thought it was "Carnation"

                        1. Sorry! Yes - condensed milk is sweeten milk e.g., Vietnamese label with picture of the wise old guy. Carnation is evaporated milk.

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                            Carnation really, truly, actually made, and continues to make, albeit on a limited scale, chocolate-flavoured malted-milk powder. You may need to order it in case lots, however...


                          2. can anyone explain the flavour of ovaltine... i'm always wondered.

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                              Haven't had it in a while, but used to like it. It has a whole grain flavor combined with vanilla or chocolate. Not as sweet as say Quik. It's sort of a wholesome tasting hot chocolate. I'm thinking it's the same sort of drink as atole.

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                                or a bit like drinking hot grapenuts - which are flavored with malt.

                            2. My 6 year old has been drinking it in hot milk in the mornings for a few years now. Its basically a malt flavored drink either "vanilla" or "chocolate" and the label boasts a few added vitamins & stuff. If you like the malt flavor you are ok, personally I can't stand it, by my daughter and hubby love it. go figure!!

                              1. Perhaps some buy it for their grandchildren.

                                1. Frau Bluecher: Vould the doctor care for a brandy before retiring?
                                  Dr. Friedrich von FRAHNkenstein: No. Thank you.
                                  Frau Bluecher: Some varm milk... perhaps?
                                  Dr. Friedrich von FRAHkenstein: No, thank you very much.
                                  Frau Bluecher: Ovahltine?

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                                  1. Dont forget, the 50 plus crowd grew up on this stuff when they were kids. I supposed its what you get used to and a bit of nostalgia, personally I could not stand the stuff, it tasted like brown colored chalk.

                                    1. My dad has craved it for the last few years, from his childhood. He was born in 1924.

                                      1. I grew up with it. It's very common in all the bakery shops in Chinatown.

                                        1. It makes a great Bubble Tea flavour.

                                          1. My mom (60) and I (43) enjoyed lots of toast and Ovaltine (dissolved in hot milk) when I was a kid. We had a running joke about someday opening a "toast and Ovaltinery."

                                            1. Come *on* you guys, you're talking like 50+ is some kind of doddering antique wasteland. When you get there you will discover that 50 is not so old (and yes <gasp> the DiningDiva is just over 50, in great shape and loving it. I would not go back to my 20s or 40s for all the perverbial tea in China). Jeez, get a grip, you're all going to get there someday......later if not sooner.

                                              Ovaltine is not a new product, it's been around since dirt, or at least the last century. It tastes good, is good for you and there is no reason why one shouldn't continue to enjoy the foods of ones youth. We ancient 50 year olds still think we're kids - or at least we're kids at heart - so why not eat like one?

                                              We baby boomers are going kicking and screaming into middle and older age. We're paving the way for an easier transition for you young 'uns, and I suspect you'll be glad we did ;-)

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                                                I have a container in the cupboard too. I've been drinking it since I was a child, and I'm pushing hard on 70. Most days I say it's just a number. My kids drink it and so do their kids. It makes a good cup of hot chocolate.

                                              2. As I mentioned in another thread, I drank Ovaltine as a kid not for the taste (I still think cocoa is better), but for the Little Orphan Annie decoder rings you could get with a proof of purchase.

                                                1. I never had Ovaltine when I was a kid. Discovered it when I was in my 40s, liked it pretty well, then after moving to LA found that the Asian-market Ovaltine you can get here is more malty and less sweet than the current American-market stuff...which is to say probably a lot more like the formula they sold here back when I was a kid, before they started over-sweetening everything.

                                                  One of my favorite cold breakfast things: break up a banana into a tall glass, then pour in milk to within an inch of the top. Dump this into a blender along with two or three heaping tablespoons of Ovaltine and blend it to a froth. I'd have it every day if I could digest milk the way I used to...

                                                  1. This is for the people who inquire about Ovaltine. I turned 50 this year and am a baby boomer. I also grew up across the street form the Ovaltine factory in Villa Park, Illinios during the 1960's. Ovaltine was going strong during the 1950-1960's. What it was like before then I do not know. My mother worked at the factory during the late 1960's. She used to bring home procducts that did not make the grade. Ovaltine had several products like Fiddle Faddle, Popycock, chocolate Popycock, a strawberry drink too. That is what I remember. I personally was not a fan of Ovaltine, but I loved it when they made the chocolate products. You could smell it in the air. That is why I am a chocohalic (?) today. And I am not ashamed either. I have a few photos from the '60's of the old water tower and some buildings. I also had photographed it during the late 1980's and 90's. It was a mess. I did it as a project of my own. Brought back a few memories. My folks are still alive and I think I'll ask them about it.

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                                                      I grew up in Addison, and remember driving by the plant on "chocolate days" when the smell blanketed the area.

                                                      At one time in the 70's they made the best hot chocalte mix, it was sold in large cans that allowed you to make a mug full without having to open 3 envelopes.

                                                    2. My mom (65), myself (35) and my daughter (9) are all big fans of Ovaltine. It really good when you sprinkle some of the powder over vanilla ice cream. More Ovaltine please!