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Jul 27, 2006 07:41 PM

Where can I find mini hamburger buns?

Are there any bakeries or grocery stores in Toronto, maybe restaurant supply places, selling mini hamburger buns for "taster menu" or appetizer-sized burgers?

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  1. Ace Bakery 1 Hafis Road,
    North York, ON M6M 2V6
    Tel. : 416-241-3600

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I remember seeing mini round buns at Epi Breads at Bayview and Davisville (I think). The buns are not particularly soft though and come in different flavours like olive, rosemary, etc.

        1. What about using little attached dinner/sweet rolls that come 6 in a pack? You can find them in most Chinese bakeries.

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            I'm with you...a good fresh white dinner bun is all you need.

            You can toast them slightly, put on a small patty, sauteed onions and pickle then pretend you are at White Castle!

          2. I was thinking of this question when I was at the market.

            I just found a place this morning at the St. Lawrence Market. Tiny buns in different varieties including beet, herb, whole wheat and (I beleive) rice flour. I found them at the North Market on the left hand side halfway down (on the same side as Rowe Farm). I apologize, I don't actually know what the name of the place is but according to the St. Lawrence website I beleive it is Alli's Catering so the number there is 416-222-6658. Since it is in the North Market I would assume they are only available on Saturdays. Tried them out and if you are looking to do the really mini burgers for an app I think they would be really adorable!

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              The same buns/vendors are frequently at the D-district farmers market, and at Farmer's Daughter on Kingston Rd.