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Jul 27, 2006 07:35 PM

Prime Rib LA-SFV

Need rec's for Prime Rib dinner for my 7th wedding anniversary. Is there anyplace that is not as well known as the norm but still top notch?

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  1. It's chock full of tourists, but you must go to Lawry's for the Prime Rib, and the special tossed salad

    1. The last time I was at Lawry's the food was great as usual but I was rushed through my meal and I felt like I was in an assembly line. I prefer a more relaxed environment.

      1. I would skip Lawry's (it's more destination du jour for Japanese business men than real restaurant).

        Couple of places come to mind.

        Mortons ( and Arroyo Chop House ( Both are good, but I prefer Arroyo Chop House if I had to choose. Both only serve it Friday and Saturday so call ahead.

        Happy Anniversary.

        1. I've rarely had a prime rib as good as the one at Houston's, even at Morton's or Lawry's. I don't know if Houston's is fancy enough for your anniversary, but I was just at the one in the Century City mall and was very pleasantly surprised that we were never rushed through our meal even though the line outside was growing when we exited the restaurant.

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            Must agree - I had an amazing Prime Rib at the now-closed Houstons in Woodland Hills. One of the best I've ever had.

          2. There was a thread on prime rib not long ago: . Fwiw, I've heard that the Sunday prime rib at the Grill in BH is excellent.