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Jul 27, 2006 07:15 PM

Kozy Shack Pudding: So Many New Flavors

So I've recently discovered, just by walking by the dairy section in my local mainstream supermarket, that Kozy Shack has rolled out a ton of new flavors in their single-serving multi-packs. So far, I've laid eyes on: coffee, Black Forest, Cherries Jubilee, Bananas Foster, and flan with mango sauce. Their web site ( has not kept pace, only listing coffee and flan with mango sauce among the flavors I've seen.

I first tried coffee a few months ago and have had it a couple of times. (It's been around for much longer than the other new flavors, which I've only noticed in the last couple of weeks.) Ingredients are similar to other Kozy Shack products, listing natural coffee flavor, and the coffee flavor is light (similar in strength to that of, say, Breyer's coffee ice cream) but honest.

I also tried Black Forest, which is Kozy Shack's standard chocolate pudding with black cherries at the bottom (Cherries Jubilee is vanilla pudding with black cherries at the bottom). The black cherries were real cherries of good enough quality, not cherry "goo," and the combo would have been very nice with a bittersweet chocolate pudding. As it was, I found the whole just too sweet, but I don't like extra-sweet desserts, and Kozy Shack chocolate can teeter on the edge of too sweet for me on its own.

I've no idea what's in Bananas Foster, as I haven't taken time to look at the ingredients. As with the others, there's a darker layer at the bottom, so I imagine it's some brown sugary thing. I don't like banana pudding, but people who do have said that KS's is, well, kinda nasty.

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  1. I've had the Bananas Foster. The pudding part is delicious but the Fosters part has too much cinnamon for my taste. I don't know if Bananas Foster normally has cinnamon. Haven't seen the other flavors yet, but now I will be on the lookout!

    1. BF has bananas, butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, raisins and rum. An faster, easier and more decadent dessert would be hard to find. Usually served hot over vanilla ice cream.

      1. I tried the flan in the small container, and it sucked! I used to love the Dulce de Leche, and I'm mad that they discontinued it! And why isn't the butterscotch pudding available in my neighborhood? I'll have to look for that. Thanks for the link. :-)

        1. Since reading this post, I've been looking here on the West coast, but all I've found is the flan, and Choc and Vanilla puddings. Are they really worth trying? I'm not much on convenience foods, but if these are really good, I'll try them.
          Anyone else find them in Calif stores?

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          1. re: toodie jane

            I don't remember seeing or having the vanilla pudding. The chocolate pudding is good. I already addressed the flan, and the other things I've had are rice and tapioca puddings, and both were OK. But I miss the dulce de leche pudding. :(

            Oh, I almost forgot, there are two types of rice pudding. Get the one with less spice (the regular kind, not the "European" kind).