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Any Japanese/Asian Restaurants With Good Wine Lists???

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My colleagues and I love Asian food but don't care for Sake- opting instead for big Italian and French reds.. Are there Asian restaurants in the city with expansive wine lists?

Thanks in advance!

Ric Z

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  1. By Asian - do you include Indian - if so, I was impressed w/ the wine list at Tabla. Will try to think of others.

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      Oops - should have taken the cue from the Sake comment - I have the same issue and often end up drinking lousy Pinot Grigio (not a big beer fan).

    2. Jewel Bako...and the red&white wine pairings w/ sushi omakase are sublime...

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        Enthusiastically seconded. Sit at the sushi bar at Jewel Bako, order omakase and ask for wine pairings. Whew, that was some evening.