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Jul 27, 2006 06:54 PM

Sushi in Hollywood

What are your favorite places? Looking for some thoughts.


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  1. for the food: my new fave is Azami (near Melrose & La Brea) Sushi Cafe. Very nice staff (though last time I went it was crowded and everyone was running around frantically... Poor busboy! I kept hearing "JAVIER!!!" every other minute) and excellent food.

    for the Hollywood scene: probably Geisha House (near Hollywood & Highland), the sake cocktails are pretty nice, food's not bad (and not overly pricey esp. if you stick to apps and rolls) and there's usually a few celebs hangin' about.

    1. funny, i don't remember it being crowded last friday night. wait, you must've gone again already?! how was azami 2nd time around, same items served?

      i've never been but i hear sushi ike right on hollywood blvd has pretty good omakase.

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      1. re: zack

        some same some different (we had different preferences this time around).

        I've heard good things about Ike too but never been (I tend to hang around downtown joints like Sushi Gen)--I think I had my fill of sushi for at least a couple of weeks.

        1. What about Shintaro on Highland and Franklin? It's less traditional than Ike (as in, they have rolls and salads, which Ike scoffs at). Great for easy, neighborhood sushi.

          1. The original comment has been removed