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Jul 27, 2006 06:37 PM

EV or LES bar with good wine and beer

Looking for a bar in the EV or LES with good wine by the glass and beer selection.

Getting together with two friends tonight. One only drinks wine. One only drinks beer. Thanks

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  1. d.b.a. is my favorite bar. It has one of the best, if not the best, beer selections in the city. The wine list by the glass isn't enormous, but it's smart. In addition they have an amazing list of tequilas, single malts, etc. etc.

    1. The obvious choice is dba, which has one of the city's best beer selections as well as a good choice of wine. See the beer lists at their web-site. Their wine choice is better than the web-site suggests:

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        1. re: Wilfrid

          I'm a dba fan. Never even thought to see if they serve wine with so many good beers on the menu.

          Do you know if they serve wine by the glass? The website doesn't list it. Thanks.

          1. re: Scott V

            Yes, probably 3 or 4 of each color. It's a rotating list.

          1. INOTECA- Rivington/Ludlow.. absolutely fantastic.

            1. dba is my choice - great beer selection. Von on Bleecker St. has a good wine selection and 4-6 beers of standard variety on tap.