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Jul 27, 2006 06:22 PM

Anyone been to Max Brenner in Union Square yet today?

I've been monitoring its progress and can see it is opening today from the notice on the door.
I'm definitely heading down there later.

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  1. I haven't been to the new Union Square one, but I've been to the branch in Sydney a few times and it's fantastic for chocolate devotees. I assume the set-up will be similar in the US.

    1. I'd love to hear about the food too - the menu looks awesome!

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      1. I went tonight for dessert. This place has got everything right. The decor is fantastic - vats of molten chocolate await you as you enter the lush store covered in every type of chocolate brown, trays of beautiful handmade chocolates, desserts and biscuits lay in wait on the shelves.
        We shared an "urban smores" dessert - graham crackers, a little fire to melt marshmallows over, a pot of delicious melted chocolate, peanut butter and liquer soaked bananas completed the feast. I also had a shot glass of hot chocolate - served in a specially designed cup with a shot on top and a candle below. They give you a dish of chocolate bits and a small jug of frothy milk and you create your own hot chocolate.
        My boyfriend had a cappucino - it is served in a cup with a clever device - a little helter-skelter at one edge in which you line up chocolates that melt with the heat of the coffee and then slowly sink their way into your drink.
        The whole place has a real buzz - you cannot fail to enjoy an evening here.
        It's open from 5.30pm to 2am. I will be going back!

        1. hi i unfortunately went on a friday night and it was only a 10 minute wait, but the kinds of people there were a little annoying. i didn't like the loud clubbing music being played.

          but the chocolate was DELICIOUS. i also had that cappucino in the kangaroo cup, and it was heaven. it only comes like that in the small size. the large cappucino is just served in a clear glass mug. still good!

          i had the hazelnut praline crepe, which was good but too intensely sweet. it was served with warm bananas and a vanilla sauce. the dark chocolate cognac truffles were excellent, and my favorite were the chocolate praline nuts. there's such a huge variety of things here, from croissants to chocolate pizza to fondue to chocolate cocktails, that i'd definitely go back. maybe not on a friday though. :)

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          1. re: calypsogirl

            did you try any of the non-dessert items?

          2. 4 of us tried to go in there today - the sign said that the chocolate store was open from 9 or 9:30 am - midnight, while the restaurant opened at 5:30. We walked in the door at 5:15 and were quite rudely hustled back outside with the statement that "the door was supposed to be locked but someone must have just gone outside. You can't come in until 5:30." We were ushered out so fast and the door was shut behind us that we didn't even get to argue about the fact that the STORE was supposed to be open. This brusqueness peeved my friend enough that we didn't even bother to wait around till 5:30. I know it's brand-new, but with customer service like that, it may not be there long.