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Jul 27, 2006 06:10 PM

Looking for place to hold wedding shower

Hi all,

I am looking for a venue, most likely a sit-down/private room, within the next 4 months to hold a wedding shower which will have some of the following:

1) A menu (perferably Southern European - so no Chinese, Korean, Indian) which will please the older generation of ladies as well as the younger. Cost per person isn't totally a big factor (as long as it resonable for what we would get overall)

2)Location doesn't really matter as long as there is parking and it's easy to get to. (oh, and it will be held on a Sunday afternoon)

We are trying to get away from the traditional banquet hall locations so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    1. re: Suburban Gourmand

      Sorry, more info is need....

      We are looking at about 100-120 (give or take) and both sides are going to split the tab

    2. There are very few places that can accommodate 100-120 people on one floor. You may want to try the Rosewater Supper Club, which is housed in a majestic building, but the food and service can be somewhat spotty. Biff's may also be able to accommodate a large group like that. For both, you're looking at a higher end of the spectrum in terms of price.

      1. Check out 5th Element on Bay south of Charles they advertise as a event / restaurant they should have the space and it is not a banquet hall it is nicley decorated.

        1. I actually did a baby shower at Fez Batik on Richmond, albeit for a smaller group. They're never busy in the daytime and have lots of space. For a group of your size I expect they'd close down to others for several hours. The menu is Middle Eastern with a twist; lots of hummous, flatbreads, sausages, and so on. I like their informal seating choices, which include cushioned banquettes and low tables.

          (Although I gather from the Star today that the management is going through some problems).