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Jul 27, 2006 05:31 PM

Does anyone ever marinate meat with V8?

I got about 250 bottles of V8 sitting at home.

Don't drink the stuff and don't like the tast of it.

Thinking about cooking with it.

Possible? Maybe as a marinade?

Do advise.

Thanks 'hounds.

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  1. not sure about cooking with it... but...

    V8 will do in a pinch for bloody mary's.... once doctored up with horse-radish, celery salt and worteschire (sp) sauce... it is not bad... why not have a brunch and get rid of a few bottles that way.

    and you could always make a nice donation to the local food bank, they will probably gladly take the lot.

    1. I wonder if you could use it as a base for gazpacho?

      1. I've marinated chicken and beef with V8 juice before. I usually use it when I make stuffed vegetables(peppers, tomato, yellow squash/zucchini) or cabbage and use it instead of tomato sauce and/or broth.

        1. Yes, I've got a recipe that uses some V8, but not an awful lot of it (1 cup or so per recipe?). I think withalonge's idea of donating it to a food bank is a good idea.

          1. It's great in chili, or tomato based soups, or really anything tomato based. Add to lentil soup, for example.
            As is Bloody Mary mix, which I sometimes have a bottle of and use up that way.

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              Yep, I've used it in soups and stews. Pretty much anywhere that you would use a tomato sauce, V8 will work.

              I can't believe no one has asked yet...Why do you have all of the V8 if you don't drink it?