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Jul 27, 2006 04:45 PM

UWS - old mamagoos, gabrielas....

i noticed they finally have a new awning up here and it's going to be italian - san luigi or something like that. anyone know if it's still controlled by the old artie cutler group?

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  1. Nope, neither was mamagoos. It is the same people as Cesca, next door.

    1. i thought mamagoos (speaking of miserable chinese food) was ollies + some others. whoever is behind it, i'll cross my fingers it's decent.

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      1. re: harrison

        right, you are right, it's ollies and others, and they opened Ouest and Cesca. Ollies used to be part of the cutler group but no more

      2. Anyone know why they kept opening and closing restaurants?

        I'm convinced something shady is going on. I mean, they close Gabriella's to "renovate," then MamaGoo's comes in with long renovations just to close soon (and they were popuar + bisy! and I was excited to have a decent Chinese option on the UWS!)...and now, this San Luigi's. The combo "gelateria-bar-ristorante-raw bar." Their words, not mine.

        Anyone know the story?

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        1. re: Rafie

          You say "they" but Gabrielas was a separate group. Gabriela's reopened on Columbus in the 90s. Mamagoos is the group that owns Cesca, and now San Luigis, which is, by the way, a Carmine's knock off of sorts.

        2. I actually walked into the new restaurant last night-it is called San Luigi's I believe. The prices are pretty reasonable (cheap even) if the food is any good. We looked at the menu briefly & were thinking of getting a drink at the bar but the bar area wasn't too appealing. Ended up grabbing a drink at Citrus & eating dinner w/another couple at Bettola (which has excellent thin crust pizza btw) & very reasonably priced bottles of vino-we had a 2003 Chianti for $38 & most of the other bottles listed are even less.
          If someone actually eats at San Luigi please post a review...

          1. I ate at San Luigi Sunday night with a couple friends. For a traditional red-sauce Italian dinner, it's a great addition to the neighborhood. Efficient, polite service (maybe a little slow between courses but they've been open less than a week); casual family atmosphere; friendly bartender; manager who pitched in clearing dishes and asked if everything was okay. Our appetizers were excellent and arrived quickly (grilled artichokes with plenty of onions and garlic, and a tomato/gorgonzola/red onion salad). We ordered Italian staples (baked ziti and linguini with bolognese) as entrees and they were very tasty -- hearty, large portions with plenty for a doggy bag home. Reasonable prices too. For dessert, gelato seems to be the natural choice and our favorite flavor was pistachio. The freezer could be turned down a bit, as the gelato was a bit more hard frozen than it should be.