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Jul 27, 2006 04:40 PM

Birthday celebration in Tucson - Suggestions please.

Traveling to Tucson for UA move-in. Looking for fun, upscale dinner suggestions for SO's birthday celebration. We will be staying at the Omni and traveling between the university and the hotel. MTIA!

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  1. Your post says fun and upscale which can be interpreted in many ways ... so you may want to provide a few more details on what type of food you would enjoy and your definition of fun. In the meantime here are some thoughts:

    Janos & JBar at the Westin La Paloma fine dining at Janos and JBar may offer a prelude that is fun.
    Anthony’s in the Catalina’s – haven’t been in many years but used to definitely fit the bill for upscale and the views were really quite nice (but I think they have built something in front of the restaurant now). Anthony’s is on Campbell north of Skyline.

    In the meantime I would search this forum for “Tucson” and just review some of the other recent posts.


    1. Bazel is right, and I'd add: what price range? Age range? Does fun = noisy? For a noisy, upscale seen-and-be-seen scene, I'd recommmend NoRTH restaurant. For a lively upscale steakhouse, I'd recommend Fleming's.

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        More specifically, we will be 2 UA freshman (best girlfriends coming from LA & SF, excited about the college life that awaits them) parents of the LA girl (seasoned chowhounds) and an aunt who has recently relocated to Tucson from the east coast (NJ). By fun --- the experience of the night will be one that celebrates life, new beginnings and good food. Price is no object - within reason - we do love vino ;) On our short trip to Tuscon for orientation, we had the pleasure of eating at Cafe Poca Cosa and can't wait to return. We'll probably hit that up again but not for the birthday. Hope this helps! ... as well, I have explored the more recent posts. No chains please.

      2. Here are some suggestions:

        Bistro Zin
        Montana Avenue
        Terra Cotta

        Then there's the resorts which all do a good job. Good luck and let us know your decision.

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          Thankyou, that's just what I was looking for. I will investigate and report back after our celebration in mid August. I just love the community behind Chowhound.

        2. For a very fine Italian meal, Vivace is an excellent choice. North is hip, but not as good. For a very Southwestern experience, Janos is great. Veyr pricy, but Janos Wilder is a big name and for special occasions it's a great choice! Be sure to let the restaurant know it's a special occasion. A secodn trip to Poca Cosa is also always a good idea!

          Have fun.

          1. I forgot about Acacia. He was chef of the year last year, formerly at Hacienda del Sol for years, and in the same plaza as Vivace. Down the street, Raz Modern Mediterranean on Grant/Campbell.

            Downtown, near Poca Cosa (they've moved, don't know exactly where) is Barrio Grill, and the northwest side has tremendously bedazzled diners, but I don't live on that side of town, so I'm not that familiar with what's there. Names I've seen reviewed are Livorno, Tavolino (Italian).