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GOOD salad places near PO Square (financial district)?

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Does anyone have recommendations for pick-up/lunch places near PO Square where I can get a GOOD salad (esp. chef's or chicken caesar)?? There are plenty of so-so and semi-crappy places nearby, but I have yet to find anyplace that I'd really want to go back to. I've heard Sebastian's is good. Cosi is a bit hyped in my view (and their chicken is kinda gross).

Are there any places that are really noteworthy?


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  1. I've heard that Robeks in International Place isn't bad. They are a small chain that does healthy soups, salads, and sandwiches.

    1. The definition of good varies, but the Sebastian's in the old J. Pace space on Devonshire (@ 2 blocks from PO Square) has enormous salads. You choose a greens mix, there are several ala carte items that cost anywhere between $.50 and $2.00 to add, but then you can really load up on additional veggies, cheese, crunchy items that are not veggies, etc. You end up with a HUGE salad for somewhere between $6 and $10. They really work hard to jam all your choices into the salad - there is no limitation to the "free" fixings, like at Cosi. As such, the salad is more expensive, but a much better overall value. Everything also seems very fresh.

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        The lines are often pretty long, but I see that you can now order your salad online and pick it up at the register.

        go to http://www.sebastians.com choose "100 summer street" or your location, then pick "daily specials" and click on "order salad."

      2. Also a huge fan of SHARING a Sebastian's salad for lunch -- if you add the tofu, black beans, feta cheese, etc., you don't even need to upgrade it with the chicken, salmon, tuna, etc. It's plenty for two (really!) meals and about $7 for the base salad. The mixed greens are my favorite, along with the sesame dressing.

        1. I've had the chef salad at Brandy Pete's and it was pretty good. Someone I work with had a chicken ceasar (a daily special) from Bakey's the other day that she said was really good. I bet a chef salad would be good there too. For enormous salads, there is also Sam LaGrasse's.

          1. I've always enjoyed the food at the Milk St. Cafe. They have a kiosk in Post Office Square Park, and another sit-down restaurant/take out place at 50 Milk St. Their food is fresh and tasty and reasonably-priced. Their middle-eastern dishes are especially good.


            1. The Vault has roughly 10 different salad options, including a ceasar, all a little pricey, but reliably good. My personal favorite is their warm spinach salad with bacon, mushrooms, tomato, and goat cheese. (Of course it's healthy -- it's a salad!)


              While I'm not personally a huge fan, many people in my office wax ecstatic about Temptations, which offers a variety of different salads, as well as other healthy options. I believe they offer both a ceasar and a chef's, although I can't personally vouch for either.

              1. Thanks for the replies & ideas. I'm actually eating a Seb's salad right now for the first time, and it's OK. Rather soggy. Given that I had to wait 15 minutes, though, I don't know that I'm a total convert. (And the bread seems like maybe it was purchased at a United Nations Relief Mission surplus sale.)

                I'll give Bakey's and Temptations a try next. (Though Temptations kinda sounds like a place I'd have to bring a wad of dollar bills ...)

                Thanks again!

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                  Definitely try Sultan's Kitchen. Also, when I used to work downtown, Bean & Leaf Cafe did some great salads, but I have not been back since they changed ownership. Might be worth a look-see.

                  Also, Sometimes Sel de la Terre has nice salads (like a proper nicoise) in the boulangerie for take out. Their veggie sandwiches are great, too.

                2. What about Souper Salad on Devonshire at Franklin or on State near Broad? I haven't eaten there in ages but it must be okay if salad is a speciality. It was one of the first salad bars back in the 1970s. Dating myself, I know.

                  Sultan's Kitchen on State at the intersection of Broad Street has some great veggie options. They may not be salad per se, but they are reasonably priced, vegetal, tasty and filling (e.g.: stuffed vegetables).

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                    The salads at Souper Salads and Fresh City all seem to taste the same. I am amazed that they can make every topping somehow taste bland and unappealing. I mean that takes talent.