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Jul 27, 2006 04:35 PM

GOOD salad places near PO Square (financial district)?

Does anyone have recommendations for pick-up/lunch places near PO Square where I can get a GOOD salad (esp. chef's or chicken caesar)?? There are plenty of so-so and semi-crappy places nearby, but I have yet to find anyplace that I'd really want to go back to. I've heard Sebastian's is good. Cosi is a bit hyped in my view (and their chicken is kinda gross).

Are there any places that are really noteworthy?


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  1. I've heard that Robeks in International Place isn't bad. They are a small chain that does healthy soups, salads, and sandwiches.

    1. The definition of good varies, but the Sebastian's in the old J. Pace space on Devonshire (@ 2 blocks from PO Square) has enormous salads. You choose a greens mix, there are several ala carte items that cost anywhere between $.50 and $2.00 to add, but then you can really load up on additional veggies, cheese, crunchy items that are not veggies, etc. You end up with a HUGE salad for somewhere between $6 and $10. They really work hard to jam all your choices into the salad - there is no limitation to the "free" fixings, like at Cosi. As such, the salad is more expensive, but a much better overall value. Everything also seems very fresh.

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        The lines are often pretty long, but I see that you can now order your salad online and pick it up at the register.

        go to http://www.sebastians.com choose "100 summer street" or your location, then pick "daily specials" and click on "order salad."

      2. Also a huge fan of SHARING a Sebastian's salad for lunch -- if you add the tofu, black beans, feta cheese, etc., you don't even need to upgrade it with the chicken, salmon, tuna, etc. It's plenty for two (really!) meals and about $7 for the base salad. The mixed greens are my favorite, along with the sesame dressing.

        1. I've had the chef salad at Brandy Pete's and it was pretty good. Someone I work with had a chicken ceasar (a daily special) from Bakey's the other day that she said was really good. I bet a chef salad would be good there too. For enormous salads, there is also Sam LaGrasse's.

          1. I've always enjoyed the food at the Milk St. Cafe. They have a kiosk in Post Office Square Park, and another sit-down restaurant/take out place at 50 Milk St. Their food is fresh and tasty and reasonably-priced. Their middle-eastern dishes are especially good.