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Jul 27, 2006 04:27 PM

beaches area

anyone know of a decent dinner spot with reasonable prices and greek like (light, not burgers) type food? I know of a Il Fornello on Queen...anything else? I've heard of a place called Nevada and another called Karas?

Any input? THanks!

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  1. Well, there's Mr. Greek, on Queen at Waverly. Not sure if Nevada fits the "Greek" description. Karas is ho-hum, always feels like a chain-hotel restaurant. Arax, 1966 Queen also near Waverley, is more Middle Eastern/Armenian. (Arax is the only one of the three I'd bother going to, but the owner is very entertaining or, depending on your point of view, crazy, in-your-face, meddlesome LOL.)

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    1. You've got to try "Pomagranate" on Queen St. E, just west of Beech Ave. Great food, funky atmosphere! Also, "Thai House Cuisine" located at 2213 Queen St. E has awesome Thai food-and a cheap lunch menu.

      "Ci Vediamo" is an Italian spot on 1910 Queen St E has good food and a nice, people watching patio.

      I find "Nevada" to be a horrible restaurant( bad food, bad service)-it looks great from the outside, but is deceiving. And unfortunately "Arax" has closed down...apparently the owner went bankrupt.

      Have fun in the Beach!

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        Wow, Arax closed already? Bankrupt? But he was always full with people who wanted to be told they'd ordered the wrong thing, order that instead, here let me sing you a song and dance on the next table...

        As for Ci Vediamo, it's been lauded a couple of times here recently. I personally think it is dreadful. Pre-move they were okay (originally, when those Italian guys opened it, they were very good). Somethng changed for the worse when they moved. "Al dente" does not mean break your teeth, three visits in a row. "Italian" means flavour, please. I would never go back.

        Pomegranate is good, but the original poster wanted "Greek like food", which seriously limits the options in the already limited Beach.

        1. Next time you pass Arax, there is a notice on the door...The owner owes over $9,000 to the landlord...Probably all the free drinks he was giving out!

          Greek-like food is not really something that the Beach does well...I'd leave that to the Danforth!

          1. I always have a great time and fab food at Whitlock's.....

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            1. re: Fredster

              agreed. large menu for everyone, and cheap prices. try the pastas, yum...

            2. You should definately stick to the Danforth if it's Greek you're looking for. Our favourite is Mezes...a cut above some of the medicocrity that Greektown offers.

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              1. re: della

                There is a whole thread on Greek on the Danforth that you might want to search for. Ongoing debate about what's good and what's overrated.