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"Koi Palace" opening in Dublin, Ulferts Center....

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heard the Ulferts Center's ad. on Chinese radio this morning, they mentioned Koi Palace will open there soon....can somone please confirm?


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  1. If so, that would be great! I live only a mile away but haven't seen any "coming soon" signs yet near the construction.

    1. Yes. Koi will open a branch at the center.

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        In ABC's place?

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        Duh, dublin, of course. Glad to hear that the rumored shopping center is closer to reality.

      2. That should improve the quality of Chinese food in that part of the Bay Area about 1000 percent. There's an Ulferts Center in Dublin? Is it BART-accesible? I am a fan of KP and was a big fan of its first incarnation in San Francisco, and would probably follow it anywhere I could get to.

        1. Thanks. That's near the I-580/Tassajara Road interchange, and appears to be about a 1.25 mile walk from the Dublin BART station.

          1. Anyone have any news when this new Koi Palace will actually open? The Ulferts Center website says the mall will be open "summer 2006," and there isn't much summer left.

            Here's a map of the mall location: http://www.ulferts.com/db-dr.html

            1. The last that I heard was late October. Though I wouldn't be suprised if it opens later than October.

              1. Latest news is December. Reference at the bottom of this article: