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Jul 27, 2006 04:25 PM

Raleigh: Date Spot for Next Week

Was hoping y'all might be able to offer some assistance in helping me put together a good date night Monday. I live in NYC and Wilmington, and she lives in Raleigh (on Wade around the corner from Glenwood). So I have zero idea whatsover where I should take her. Put me in NYC, DC, or Wilmington, and I'm the king of great dates (how's that for modesty?). But this Raleigh thing is a whole new ballgame...

Based on my reading around online as well as a friend's recs, I've come up with these as potentials: Rockford, Duck & Dumpling, Bahama Breeze, ShabuShabu.

Any commentary on those, or new suggestions? Preferably something lowkey, nothing over-the-top where it looks like I'm trying too hard or anything like that. Not worried about spending some money, but again, wanna keep it simple for round 1. Girls have to earn the top-dollar dinners over time. : )

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. That is my grilfreind's neighborhood, so I have tried a few joints around there. I have not yet met a girl who lives in Raleigh that does not love the Rockford, so that is probably a safe bet. However, she probably eats there plenty living that close. We recently had a great dinner at Duck and Dumpling (my first time), so I would also recommend that. Don't know Bahama Breeze and had an awful lunch on my one trip to Shabu.

    I would also recommend Bistro 607 on Glenwood. Zely and Ritz for small plates (tapas) or Sushi Blues are also both on Glenwood and have been enjoyable for me. The oyster bar at Nelson's in Cameron Village was nice on our first visit. Enoteca Vin and Nana's Chop House are also very nice, if not too pricey.

    April and George is a cool wine bar on Glenwood for after dinner drinks, if you are in to that.

    Disclaimer - I have no idea who may be closed on Mondays.

    BTW - What are your top 5 best eats in Wilmington/Wrighstville? We're headed down next weekend.

    1. I may not be a lot of help, as I am too far removed from the dating scene, however, one of my sons is single, recent grad of UNCW, living in Raleigh, so I will rely on what I have heard. This is not based solely on food, but on the critereia you indicted, which sounds very similar to his approach. Two main areas to consider - Glenwood South and North Hills, both of which have numerous options. Glenwood South is not far from where your friend lives, a mile or so south on Glenwood. This area is about 3 or 4 blocks of Glenwood, south from the intersection with Peace St. to Hillsborough St. You will need to do some research on the specific restaurants in the area, but it has everything from fine dining, to steak houses, tapas, Irish, pizza, Italian, seafood, and from expensive to reasonable, but probably no "Cheap Eats". The Red Room and Bogarts on Glenwood South are the two he recommends for meeting your objectives (decent food, appropriate atmosphere. North Hills will be a couple of miles north at the Intersection of I-440 and Six Forks Rd. and again a wide range of options. His recs there are Fox & Hound and Bonefish Grill. At least this may help get you started, or create an opportunity for others to post different options.

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        Monday night can be a problem hereabouts. The Red Room has a great 1/2 price tapas deal on Mondays. The OVEN Roasted Duck with brule├ęd roasted bananas ... and chocolate sauce (though the chocolate sauce is not advertised on the menu) is terrific.

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          Yeah I've heard Monday can be a bit of a hurdle. But that tapas special sounds good, and the ruck you mentioned sounds amazing! Thanks.

      2. Porter's on Hillsborough St is a great first date place. Good food and nice (but not too nice) atmosphere.


        If round 1 goes well, I highly recommend Porter's nicer sister restaurant Frazier's.


        1. I would think 518 West would be a pretty safe bet. Just have a parking plan.


          1. Raleigh Times Bar is great. It has hip design and shockingly good food. The chef is Ashley Christensen from Enoteca Vin; it's casual bar food that is upscale without being pretentious. There is an increasingly interesting beer list as well, with a ton delicious Belgians by the bottle.

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              Liking the sound of that, particularly with the beer selection. Thanks.