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Chicken Substitute?

My boyfriend keeps somewhat (not strictly) kosher, but he does follow the no meat with milk prohibition. One of my favorite things to cook is chicken with tomatoes, feta, garlic, sherry, and olive oil. Clearly, this preparation is out for him. Can anyone suggest a fish that would substitute well for the chicken (i.e. go well with tomatoes and feta?)

Immense thanks in advance...I really want to be able to do some home cooking for him, as I really like cooking and I really like the guy!

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  1. How nice of you. I would think those flavours would work well with most whitefish - sole, bass and grouper come to mind. You could also try the chicken dish without the feta, maybe adding in some fresh herbs (oregano, tarragon) to oomph the flavour. Good luck - the way to a man's heart...

    1. Initially, my 1st thought was haddock, but you might want to try it with roasted fingerling potatoes. That might be really yummy. Let us know what you end up doing.

      1. Tilapia would be good.
        Or try Quorn (a vegetarian fake meat) 'naked cutlets.' They are fake boneless chicken breasts. We use them for this very reason in exactly these types of dishes (like enchiladas, for example). I get them at Whole Foods. Thank you.

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          I made something similar with tilapia and it was delicious.

        2. I would substitute a good thick firm white fish filet such as cod, snapper or sea bass for the chicken. Since you will not be cooking the fish for as long as with chicken to get a thick tasting sauce, you will not need as much liquid. Make sure your tomatoes (or use a good canned) are very flavorful or cook them a little ahead of time if necessary to insensify the flavor. The main idea is to make the dish saucy rather than thin and watery. Use an extra virgin olive for more flavor. The feta cheese does add a nice sharp salty taste to the dish.
          Either saute the fish quickly in olive oil if you like a crust, top with tomatoes, a little sherry, herbs and feta cheese. Put it in the hot oven for a few minutes to finish cooking.
          Or you can simple bake the fish in an olive oil greased pan topped with tomatoes, sherry, herbs, a drizzle of olive oil and feta cheese. Make sure you don't over cook the fish. The cooking should not take more than 10 minutes.

          1. I would also try monkfish. It stands up to longer cooking than many other fish and has wonderful flavor.

            I agree with the suggestion that you take out the feta. You can substitute something equally salty and sharp - capers or anchovies or olives.

            1. Well, if you live near a very fresh source (I mean caught within a day) and will consider eliminating the feta, consider, yes, BLUEFISH. Very fresh bluefish tastes like a buttery-textured mild Meditteranean-style tunafish-packed-in-oil. Bluefish would take marvelously to the suggestions. Just don't overcook. (Mark Bittman would encourage you to also try mackeral, but good fresh mackeral is even harder to find outside ethnic fishmongers because there's so little demand.)

              1. I had a dish very similar to this in Greece years ago, and they used chunks of swordfish -- mighty tasty!

                1. Swordfish, Alaskan Halibut, Sturgeon, and Shark are fish that "tastes like chicken". Frog Legs do too.

                    1. That is really nice of you, and I'm sure you'll come up with something delicious! Don't forget to check with your boyfriend about the kind of fish you choose, though. If he follows the kosher rules about fish, he'll avoid the ones without scales (for example - swordfish, sturgeon, shark).

                      Edit to clarify: According to Wikipedia, some people do accept swordfish & sturgeon as kosher. Which just goes to show - better ask! :-)

                      1. These are all great ideas but remember, swordfish, shark (predators) and bottom feeders are not kosher.