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Jul 27, 2006 04:21 PM

Hamburgers in Baltimore?

Any suggestions for really great hamburgers in Baltimore? My old favorite place has sadly gone downhill and I don't want to go there any more...

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  1. What is the place that has gone downhill?

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    1. I've been hitting Ale Mary's for burger and a boh night on Mondays. Decent burgers. Let me know what you think.

      While probably not what you are talking about, have you tried the slider burger with foie gras at Salt?

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        I went there (Ale Mary's) once pretty soon after they had opened- my line of work behooves me to be familiar with all of the restaurants in Fell's Point. I ordered the pork "medallions", which were basically three pieces of pork, bearing no resemblance whatsoever to medallions. It was a singularly lackluster meal with very inattentive service. I was at the bar and had to wait *forever* to even get my beer refilled... I haven't recommended it to anyone, but I'd be willing to give it another try since I went right after their opening.

      2. My favorite are the burgers at Brewers Art. They are large and come with their famous rosemary garlic fries.

        The burgers at Max's on Broadway aren't great, but not bad either. I like going there mainly for the beer.

        My least are those at The Owl Bar. I like my burgers without breadcrumbs or other fillers and tasting like meat. Theirs have a weird texture and flavor.

        And of course there is always Five Guys

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          I'm going there (Brewer's Art) tonight- I'll check them out. Thanks for the head's up!

        2. Kisling's Tavern on Fleet has most excellent burgers. IMO, best wings in Baltimore too!

          1. McCabes in Hampden has great burgers!

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              2nd McCabes; Five Guys in the Harbor/Mt. Vernon/Canton, and Midtown Yacht Club are all excellent as well.

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                definately mccabes, great crab cakes. I love this place. What do you think of Swallow at the Hollow, when i was at loyola college we used to go there for the half price burgers and they were pretty good, i dont know about now, but its a place dear to my heart

                1. re: cleveland park

                  OK, this is now on my list of places to check out. I have never been there... thank you all :-)

                  1. re: cleveland park

                    I went to Swallow at the Hollow two weeks ago for a half-price burger (Sundays and Wednesdays) and would have gladly paid full price. Good burger! Unfortunately, they don't have the hot cheese appetizer anymore because they switched suppliers, but that's not enough to keep me away.

                    I googled S-at-the-H and saw that they were picked for Best Hamburger in the City Paper's 2005 Best of Baltimore edition. I'm not surprised.