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Jul 27, 2006 04:21 PM

three nights in boston

And only three nights, and we haven't been in around 8 years. We're thinking one night Italian, one night French, and one night other (could be seafood, but we're headed to the beach after our city stay). Where should we go? We were thinking of some combination of the following:

Hamersley's Bistro
Mamma Maria or Bricco (or someplace great but cheaper!)
Rialto (?)

what should we add? what should we subtract? And thanks!!!

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  1. Those are great choice. I think Clio and B&G are both musts. If you can sneak in a lunch at B&G, that would allow a fourth. I also would add Mistral to the list. Also, I might take Rialto off. Although I like Rialto very much (I just recommended it in another thread), it doesn't have the same wow factor to me that some of your other choices do.

    1. We are doing the same thing next week. Tues-Fri, and are thinking Italian and a great lobster dinner (not LSF), with a walk through lunch time visit to Fanueil Hall, so I am sharing your post, for which thanks!

      1. I would vote for Prezza, 24 Fleet St., 617-227-1577 over MM or Bricco. It's a beautiful, sleek space with wonderful food & a great long bar. For some reason, I'm unable to open their website

        1. Clio is amazing, I would keep that on your list. For the North End dinner, I'd go to Sage. I just went last week for the first time (mixed reviews on this board made me hesitate for a while), but I thought it was fabulous and couldn't believe I'd waited so long to go. Started with the tempura soft shell crab appetizer-- these were the best soft shell crabs I've had in Boston-- meaty and perfectly cooked. Then the gnocchi with rabbit and morels... I could eat this every night and be very happy (lots of threads on that amazing gnocchi). No question that this is the best meal I've had in the North End. For the third night, I'd consider adding Oleana, especially if it's a nice night and you can sit outside on the patio.

          1. You could get some oysters and wine at B&G then go across to Hammersley to kill 2 birds with one stone. You could also do that with Prezza and Mama Maria, Prezza for a drink and app then a romantic dinner at MM.