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Jul 27, 2006 03:42 PM

best Dim Sum downtown?

Looking for the best Hong Kong style Dim Sum.
I assume in Chinatown, but open to other locations.
price not an issue, can be cheap or expensive, just
looking for incredible dim sum.

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  1. Don't think incredible dim sum (in the absolute sense) exists in Manhattan. However I think the best is Golden Bridge (50 Bowery) and it should make you happy.

    1. I just went to 88 Palace this past weekend and had a good experience. I agree that the best dim sum is located in the outter boroughs (Queens) but if you want Chinatown with carts, 88 Palace was very decent. Just don't go to Jing Fong, they were closed this past weekend for Health Violations.

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        The discussion thread on Jing Fong's closing seems to have been pulled. While it's never good to be closed by the Health Department and I would not want to be sickened by restaurant food (which has never happened to me at a Chinese restaurant), I would mention that a recent article by the Los Angeles Times on Chinese restaurant health inspections points out that large Chinese restaurants are sometimes disadvantaged in the health inspection process. The primary reason is that such restaurants typically serve such a wide variety of dishes requiring such a tremendous number of different ingredients that it's difficult to comply with some of the food handling requirements which don't necessarily affect the safety of the food.

      2. if you use the search function, you'll find many threads covering this question.