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Jul 27, 2006 03:20 PM

Looking for Emmi Yogurt

Does anyone know of stores where I can find this brand of yogurt? I work in East Midtown and live on the UWS.


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  1. i haven't been recently, but fairways used to carry it. whole foods may as well.

    1. since i buy this yogurt weekly i can tell you for sure that gourmet garage, fairway and zabars all carry it. enjoy!

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      1. re: yummitummi

        Are you sure? I was in the UWS Fairway last night and couldn't find it anywhere.

      2. My favorite! You won't believe it, but the cheapest I've found it is for $1.59 at Dean & DeLuca - they also carry it at Murray's Cheese.

        1. Balduchi's has it for $1.49, the cheapest I've found.

          1. garden of eden on 14th street and 5th avenue carries it.

            so does the health food store on 43rd street btwn broadway and 8th ave, on the north side of the street.