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Jul 27, 2006 02:21 PM

Emmi Yogurt

Does anyone know of stores where I can find this brand of yogurt? I work in East Midtown and live on the UWS.


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  1. I saw it yesterday at Cafe Au Bon Gout, on 5th Avenue, between 29th and 30th. I've never had Emmi. What makes it special?

    1. You can get it on the Upper West Side at Garden of Eden on Broadway and 108th. You might also try Fairway and Bazzini's. In midtown east I've seen it at the Murray's Cheese counter in the Grand Central Food Market.

      Re what makes it special, I don't know about special, but it's good yogurt, smooth and creamy but not cloyingly sweet. I get the pink grapefruit and black cherry flavors. Also, it comes in a slightly smaller size, which I appreciate.

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        Fairway's definitely has it, though it was priced at least $.30 more than other places I've seen in Brooklyn $1.59 vs. $1.29 usually). Murray's cheese store has it as well - check out their shop in grand central market.

      2. They sell it in the GCT food market... at the Murray's stand.
        Also, you can get it at Gourmet Garage. And Fairway.

        1. Have you tried Zabars on the Upper West Side? I was in there recently and they have a huge selection of imported might find it there. Good eating!

          1. Hi - I always find them in the corner deli...I live in Brooklyn put have picked them up in different areas. Most carry them. And the grapefruit flavor is really great.