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Jul 27, 2006 01:58 PM


I live in Manhattan, but I was out in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn last night to by a car.
I'm excited I have a car now, but I am more excited because I found the best Vietnamese
restaurant in NYC!

The place is called Pho Hoai on 4th Avenue between 86th and 87th Streets.
As I'm not familiar with the neighborhood, I was very intrigued to find a very
authentic looking Vietnamese restaurant out there. So last night, after I got
my car, I went in for dinner. I had a good feeling when I walked in and all the staff
there were Vietnamese.

Since we were just the two of us, we didn't get to try many things, but
all of the four things we ordered were excellent. Very very authentic - none
of the overly sweet Vietnamese food you get in most places here.
I've spent some time in Vietnam, and I have to say it was one of the best
Vietnamese I've had in a loooong time. It is also very cheap.

I was so excited last night that
I even had a dream of posting about this place on Chowhound!

The only problem is that it is pretty far (from Manhattan).
But now that I found this place, I don't know if I can go anywhere else
in Manhattan.

If you are sick and tired of bad Vietnamese food, I highly recommend this place.

Pho Hoai
8616 4TH Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11209-5108
(718) 745-1640
Directions: R at 86th St

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  1. thanks! I was hoping to find a spot like this! I will def check it out in the next couple of weeks.

    1. Awesome! Glad you dig Pho Hai. I confess I'm a bad 'Hound. I've been going there a good 3 years or so now and I guess assumed everyone knew - it gets mentioned here and there. Lately, my wife, my daughter, and I have been there every Friday, rotating whatever friends and relatives can fit in the car.

      1. This was an excellent tip. I ate there not too long ago and was very pleased with the food and the obscenely cheap bill. I didn't try anything too extravagant, however the dish I did have (grilled shrimp over vermicelli) was fresh and tasty enough to pique my interest for further meals. I treated a friend for dinner and barely spent over $20, which included an iced coffee, a shared appetizer and two main dishes. I'll definitely be going back.

        1. We go ALL the time for a couple years now. Some recommendations, if you don't mind: chicken curry - whole leg, thigh, etc in a bowl of rich rich yellow curry w/baguette; fish in VN sauce - salmon steak in casserole of yummy oil, ginger, scallion et al; crazy chopped up crabs for the hearty two fisted eater; grilled pork on tiny rice stick - sweet salty and delicate, my daughter's fave. And so much more. Don't forget the seemingly Latino style creamy egg custard - anybody know from where this derives?

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          1. re: noisejoke

            Creme caramel is very popular in Vietnam, a French legacy.

          2. I don't think it's the best, but it's decent.

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