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Jul 27, 2006 01:57 PM

Kid-friendly dinner in Harvard Square

Any recommendations for a nice kid-friendly dinner in Harvard Square?

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  1. How nice (i.e. price range)? Our daughter likes Cambridge One (fancy pizza) and I often see lots of kids in there.

    1. More specifics would be helpful. How many kids? How old? Are you looking for an adult restaurant where you can bring kids, or are you looking for a kids restaurant to make them happy and the adults miserable? What is your price range?

      Without knowing the answers to these questions, here are a couple of thoughts:

      Rialto, located in the Charles Hotel, is a great high end restaurant, and we were perfectly comfortable bringing our six-year-old there. Also in the Charles Hotel, but more casual, is Henrietta's Table, which might be a good choice. (Virtually any hotel-based restaurant is going to be kid friendly).

      Full Moon, on Huron Ave. about 10 minutes outside of Harvard Square, is one of the few places I've been to that manages to keep both adults and kids happy. They have both an adult menu and a kids' menu, and a play area -- within view of the dining room -- so the kids can entertain themselves while the adults enjoy their meal.

      1. Thanks for the recommendations so far! The kids are 4 and 6, and we're looking for a yummy dinner in a pleasant atmosphere..not necessarily fancy (Rialto might be a bit much).

        1. We took our daughter, who is just shy of two, to Henrietta's Table in the Charles Hotel for brunch (, and the staff was incredibly nice to her and made us feel very comfortable. And, they have outdoor seating, which I always like when eating with kids -- extra loud table voices don't seem so loud out of doors.

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            I was just going to recommend Henrietta's, for the patio. I often see small-fry when I'm there.

          2. If youd kids are lively, maybe Border Cafe?

            although I really hate the food there, so maybe never mind.