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Jul 27, 2006 01:25 PM

Ottawa - kid-friendly brunch

I've got my favourite usual brunch spots, but will be attempting to brunch/lunch this weekend with an out of town friend and her two little ones. Any recommendations for kid-friendly brunch spots in the downtown/market/glebe areas? I don't want to be disruptive to others enjoying a quiet Sunday, and don't think that two little ones would be happy with my usual faves (Urban Pear, Benny's, Domus, Manx) I suppose we could end up at Cora's, but would rather not.

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  1. I've heard breakfast at the Wild Oat bakery is pretty good. Eggspectation on Bank St. is also pretty kid friendly, but I've had mixed results foodwise.

    1. I love the brunch at the Black Tomato in the Market. They open at 11ish. My husband and I eat there every time we're in Ottawa. They even have McAuslan beers on tap... mmmm...

      1. Hi,

        This is NOT a fancy brunch spot, but a good greasy-spoon type of place for breakfast...Fontenelle on Montreal Road across from the big Bingo hall. It has cheap, good breakfasts, and there are often lots of kids. I don't think the place has changed in decades, so the atmosphere is definitely genuine. But don't expect anything fancy...


        1. Thanks to all. I'm also a Wild Oat devotee, but wouldn't bring hungry kids there as the wait for cooked food can be QUITE long (I've even found myself getting cranky about it). That said, the cinnamon buns, good chai and great salads keep drawing me back.

          Since these are out of towners, we've decided to pick up sandwiches from La Bottega and have a picnic lunch on the Hill instead. Not brunch, but yummy regardless!

          1. I would suggest Perkins Family Restaurant at St. Laurent. I took my friends from Toronto there for a Sunday brunch. My friends love the place, esp. the atmosphere. The place is always packed.

            Try it out and see if I am right.