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Jul 27, 2006 12:19 PM

Low Acid Decaf Coffee?

I'm looking for some recommendations on brands or places in Toronto where I can buy decent tasting low-acid decaf ground coffee for brewing at home. My wife is sensitive to the acid in normal coffee, as well as caffeine, so it would be nice if she could have occassional cup. I usually dislike decaf, but I'll admit there are times in the evening when it would be nice to have some coffee without risking my sleep.

I realize that low-acid decaf will probably never taste as good as the real thing, but surely there's something out there that's not terrible. I notice Folgers has been advertising something called "Simply Smooth" in the US but it doesn't seem to be available here yet.

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  1. i cannot tell you how much i enjoy moonbean... but i think they might have what you want.

    "Aztec Decaf - Fair Trade Organic (mbc095)

    A Central American blend of beans roasted gently for a smooth fresh cup without the caffeine. The natural process of decaffeinating the coffee allows for the retention of the natural occurring flavours. A pleasant tasting cup with a mild body and light acidity. Roast style is light to medium."

    you might want to test it out or call them and find out if you can get your preferred bean roasted dark and to the point of decaffeination.

    leads you directly to the decaf section:

    1. The Merchants of Green website says that coffee grown in Asia has a lower acidity, and their decaf has low-medium acidity. I find it quite good.
      The decaf I'm really enjoying right now is Guatemalan from Earth Grounds Espresso Bar, 1028 Coxwell, 416 423-4400. I'm not sure about the acid content but the owner is really helpful and friendly and he would know.

      1. Hey Gary, you should check out cold-brewed coffee for your wife. It results in a very smooth, low acid coffee -- regardless of the coffee you use (regular or decaf). There has been much discussion of the process on other boards, so try doing a search on "cold brew coffee" and/or "Toddy" (Toddy is the primary brand of cold brew systems).