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Jul 27, 2006 11:42 AM

Vegetarian Chopped Liver, and Kosher Take-Out Specialties in Brooklyn

Can anyone recommend a take-out place in Flatbush, or Boro Park and vicinities, that makes a really good vegetarian chopped liver?
For that matter, can you share which take out stores in these areas have particular specialties that you would recommend?
I'll start by giving my vote for best potato kugel, to Flatbush Kosher, on Coney Island Ave. between J and K. I like the one in the round tin, as they make more than one kind. Mesiner's on Avenue M, also makes a good one.
I find that Meal Mart on Avenue M, and Flatbush Kosher, have the tastiest shnitzel.

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  1. I live Meichel Master in Boro Park.I used to like Negev but things do not taste the same

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    1. re: alyssa

      Where exactly is Meichel Master located, in Boro Park? I've never heard of it.

    2. Actually it's Meisners at 5410 New Utrecht Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11219-4129

      1. Is there such a thing as good vegetarian chopped liver? Isn't it something developed primarily by physicians who treat heartburn? Does anyone have any ercommendations for a really creamy and delicious pareve creamer, and a truly gourmet soy cheese... and which ocean should one go to find the best kosher imitation lobster?
        These are only substitutes which if you are lucky can be serviceable, but don't ask for much more. Tofutti cream cheese does a fine business for being served at meat meals, but don't expect anyone to chooswe it over J&J let alone Philly brand.

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          i love vegetarian chopped liver but the one time i had real chopped liver it was pretty gross.

          also i would check out the silk soy for a good pareve creamer, or even rice dream, which my mom prefers to the half-and-half she used to use before she tried it.

        2. My mother makes an excellent veggie chopped liver. I'd truly take it over anything else!

          1. Could you possibly share the recipe?