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Jul 27, 2006 11:34 AM

Sebago Lake area recs please!

Headed to Sebago for a week and just was wondering if there's anything within 20 minutes or so that we can't miss for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All price ranges and cuisines. Really interested in seafood of course. (droooll...)

I have my eye on the recent Portland post as well.

Thanks all!

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  1. The Sebago Lakes region is a tough call when it comes to cuisine - the Migas Lodge in Casco, just off Route 302 has an outstanding menu but very limited seating capacity, the place really isn't geared up as a restaurant to serve transient visitors but you CAN get in there, and it is the only four star dining in the entire region. After that, Bray's Pub in Naples, the Olde Mill Tavern in Harrison, and the Freedom Cafe in Naples all offer standard/off the shelf pub style food, suitable for family dining. Rick's Cafe on the Causeway in Naples is a favorite destination but the food there can be attrocious, and the service quality would often shock the conscious - the place is set up for extreme high turnover, and its a good place for nachos and a cocktail while people watching, but to actually expect a MEAL there would be a stretch quality-wise.

    On Route 302 in Windham at the intersection of River Road just before the commercial strip is the Maine Bean, which coulde be the best sandwich shop in New England. The place is outstanding - they have the BEST roast beef sandwich I've ever eaten, and its always a great idea to EAT in Windham, before you get bottle-necked in the traffic jams that pervade the smaller communities in the region during the summer months.