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Jul 27, 2006 11:05 AM

Chef at Home in Prince Edward County

Hello all,

My mother-in-law's to be birthday is coming up on the labour day long weekend. She lives in Prince Edward County on Big Island. She is quite health conscious as she is vegetarian and runs a yoga retreat.

We were thinking of hiring a chef to go to her place and have them cook the family a meal - vegetarian of course.

I have searched the net but didn't find any listing.

Does anyone have any suggestions where I could find a chef that does in-home meals?


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  1. Hi Jenna

    I don't know anyone in the "county" but there is a great chef in Kingston that we have used several times. He will come out and take over.

    Give him a call and find out if he will go as far as Prince Edward County, if not he may also recommend someone else.
    Call Nick of Thyme Catering (Nicholas Loshak, (613) 546-2011

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      Great! Thank you so much for that.