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Jul 27, 2006 09:59 AM

Savvy Cellar - Wine Bar in downtown RWC, near Fox & new Movie Theatre Complex

Anyone tried this place yet??

Looks pretty cool when we've walked by after-hours a few times.
Looks like they have (no cover) jazz trios too
some evenings.

Went to their website...
some days feature certain tastings...
and others, have classes. (like "Wine Tasting for Dummies" sort of like those books) ;-)

Anyone tried any of this? Have family in town this weekend...and think it *could* be fun, but have a very, very tight schedule & too many options for too few days w/them in town!

Other options?
Might be doing a concert at the Mtn Winery, so that's taking one night. Also, all have kids,
so that makes it a bit tougher to slip in an outing like to Savvy Cellar. (or anywhere, for that matter) ;-)

also, they might enjoy City Pub...the Little Fox...
Tarboosh is very happening wknd nights w/live music...belly dancing, it seems lately, etc. (happened to be dining late one night & caught that...doesn't even begin 'til after 10pm)

Choices, choices!
Redwood City is certainly up & coming, ever more.
Am thrilled, as we're locals! :-) (and have enjoyed shows at the big & little Fox for years now!


Any feedback/advice most welcome...
as I said 2 couples in town
who are *definitely* wine connoisseurs/lovers (unlike us, who are still pretty 'green' at it) ;-)

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  1. Linked is Windy's report of Tarboosh & Savvy Cellar back in Jan 8, 2006:

    Do a search on Redwood'll find tons of posts.

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    1. re: hhc

      Yes, nice review! Thank you.
      Anyone else given this spot a try yet??

      Would love feedback & further reviews. :-)
      Seems worthwhile.

    2. Wine is better than food at Saavy Cellars. However, it is definitely livening RWC up at night. Wine selections and flights were quite good the one time I went.

      1. Highly rated wines, fun tastings, warm but unpretenscious - fun spot. Classes, tastings and flights are all good ways to learn more about wine. Great couple night out - especially after the movies. I've seen other reviews on Yahoo! Local and Yelp (but not sure I'm allowed to link to them here).

        1. Thanks for the info! Found reviews on Yelp
          which were fun.

          Were able to stop in for just a few minutes of jazz the other night, as they were closing.
          They were gracious in letting us finish our wine
          at a leisurely pace, even tho' we barely got in door before closing.

          Spreading the word, as it seems to be a hidden little gem a block beyond new Century Theatre in downtown same block as Mime's.